Policy on Reconstruction Support Initiatives in Areas Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in the Period to 2020

Mar. 1, 2016

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Mitsui & Co., Ltd. ("Mitsui", Head Office: Tokyo, President and CEO: Tatsuo Yasunaga) has adopted a policy on reconstruction support initiatives in the period to 2020. Five years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The Great East Japan Earthquake, which struck on March 11, 2011, inflicted major damage, especially in the Tohoku Region. Mitsui took emergency action to support disaster relief and recovery efforts in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. Mitsui has since continued to implement various activities on a medium/long-term basis through its business operations and environmental and social contribution initiatives.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the disaster. Mitsui believes that, from the foundation of various reconstruction initiatives that Mitsui has undertaken over the past five years, it is essential to continue providing sustainable support, such as through its business operations closely connected to local communities, which contribute to regional revitalization, as well as environmental and social contribution activities with particular emphasis on nurturing of future generations, who will take up the task of recovery work.

Mitsui will continue to contribute to steady recovery and revitalization of the disaster-stricken areas by working through dialogue and cooperation with all people concerned to provide support that best suits the needs of the region, in ways that reflect the changing situation in the disaster-afflicted areas with the passage of time.

Main Reconstruction Support Activities

Business activities
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Kesennuma Shishiori Processing Cooperative · Support for the recovery of the seafood processing business as core regional industry
In May 2015, three years after the establishment of the Cooperative, a new office was completed as a base for product development and commercial negotiations. Cold storage facilities and a seawater sterilization system have also been installed to improve the business efficiency of Cooperative members. Mitsui is providing comprehensive support for the stabilization of the Cooperative's business activities, including the restoration of sales channels disrupted by the earthquake, the development of new business, and the arrangement of labor resources.

SENDAI UMINO-MORI AQUARIUM · Revitalization of the local economy
Open since July 2015, the aquarium is based on the concept of creating new bonds between "the sea and people", and "water and people". Many people have visited and enjoyed the aquarium, which contributes to local economic revitalization as a new tourism resource symbolizing reconstruction.

Environmental and social contribution activities / International exchange
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TOMODACHI- Mitsui & Co. Leadership Program · Development of next-generation leaders
This program was launched in 2013. Ten young professionals are selected from Japan and ten from United States to visit each other's countries and engage in dialogue with leaders in various fields. The aim is to strengthen mutual understanding and leadership skills. In 2016, Mitsui will cultivate new relationships and opportunities for people-to-people exchanges and strengthen communication of information regarding the region within Japan and abroad by arranging visits of the U.S. delegation to the disaster-afflicted areas.

Environmental and social contribution activities / Education
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Visiting Lecture by participants in the "Textbook for our Future" program on the 12BS Channel · Career education
The "Textbook for our Future—For Our Children" has been broadcast since 2014 as a home education program. People featured in the programs become on-site teachers for a day by talking about their activities in disaster-stricken areas. The aim is to foster a robust approach to life in the children who will one day play a key role in the recovery and reconstruction processes.

English Conversation Class Project Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture · Global Human Resources Development
This program was launched in 2014. The program offers English conversation classes via Skype for junior high school students at Onawaga Kogakkan, a "Collaborative School" run by Katariba (an NPO) in Onagawa and career development support provided by Mitsui employees through sharing of their experiences of using English in their work in various parts of the world.

Environmental and social contribution activities / Environment
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Research activity grants through the Environmental Fund · Contributing to the solution of global environmental problems
This activity began in 2005. From 2011, Mitsui started providing support for efforts to mitigate and overcome new environmental problems resulting from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the tsunami, as well as activity and research grants for NPOs and universities working to regenerate a sustainable society, and support for community regeneration.

Photos of our activities

Photos of our activities

Photos of our activities

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