Stepping up to clean up

Mar. 10, 2021

With lockdown restrictions easing, Mitsui Australia CEO, Hiroyuki Tsurugi recently joined colleagues on a morning litter picking adventure, to mark Clean Up Australia Day.


“It was a great use of a morning, spending a few hours in the outdoors, helping make the environment cleaner for all, including for our wildlife,” Mr Tsurugi said. 


“Clean Up Australia Day not only encourages us to get active and remove the waste from our environment, it also reinforces the necessity of thinking twice before we discard our rubbish.”


During the height of the pandemic, there was a surge in single use disposal items, such as takeaway coffee cups, food packaging, masks and sanitised wipes, all of which have polluted our local parks, bushland, streets and waterways.


Mitsui’s offices across Australia have been participating in the initiative since 2015.