Students get a taste of Japan without leaving their classroom

Sep. 10, 2020

It’s a classic fantasy: visiting another country to learn a language and immersing yourself in its unique cultural and daily life, yet with much of us now living under travel restrictions, due to Covid-19 this dream may seem more distant than ever.


But as the students at Moura Primary School have discovered it’s not entirely. Thanks to Mitsui Coal Holdings (MCH) the students have been able to learn the language and culture of Japan without leaving their classroom.  


The MCH funded program is aimed at expanding the study of the Japanese language and building the intercultural capability of the students via lessons posted on YouTube.

A new lesson is produced for both lower and higher school grades and uuploaded each month, with each building upon what the students have already learned. The lessons are fixed with a private setting, meaning only those invited to participate can use them.

Lessons range from learning to sing Do Re Mi in Japanese to cooking traditional food including onkatsuand sushi. Exposing the students to Japanese life, they are also taught how to use chopsticks and common Japanese sayings used before and after meals.


Pre-Covid MCH funded a Japanese teacher to attend the school in Central Queensland to address the students. Now, utilisingYouTube the lessons can be shared across the entire school and are available all year round.


Company Secretary of MCH, Mr Morita said Japan is a country with which many young Australians have deep personal ties and that a strong understanding of Japan as one of Australia’s most important bilateral partners is vital.


“The depth of the ties between Australia and Japan mean that knowledge of the language and the culture is a valuable asset. MCH is proud to be able to build on our close relationship with the Moura community and this education program helps underpin strong Australia Japan people-to-people links”.