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Foods & Retail

Business Fields

  • Grain
    Wheat, rice, barley, soybean, rapeseed, corn, livestock feed materials, palm oil, sesame, and others.
  • Sugar & Fermented Products
    Raw sugar, refined sugar, sugar syrups, and alcohol.
  • Food ingredients
    Beverage ingredients such as fruit juice, coffee and tea, and dairy products.
  • Food distribution
    Wholesale operations and international trading of processed foods, frozen foods, confectionery, pet foods, and other products.
  • Retail support services
    Provision of advanced functions through tie-ups with retailers; provision of logistics management, traceability and product planning development using DCM; import, export, in-market and international trading of food materials and packaging.
  • Agri-foods
    Agriculture-related business development derived from IT, logistics, markets, agricultural production, and other specialties.
Business Fields
Business Fields

Major Activities

Ensuring stable food supply sources

Grains such as wheat, corn, and soybean are the raw ingredients in a variety of staple foods, livestock feed, cooking oils and many other foodstuffs. One of Mitsui's core businesses in this area is grain distribution from the West Coast of Australia—which is the gateway for grain trade with Asia. Our comprehensive engagement, from production through to distribution, gives us rapid access to local information and effective traceability management, enabling us to contribute to greater logistical efficiency and safety in food supply.

We also manage a strong value chain in the sugar business. Mitsui is the only Japanese company to operate a sugar refinery in Thailand, and this serves as a stable source of supply for Japan's No. 1 sugar, SPOON brand, which is sold in collaboration with Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd.

Business Fields
Business Fields