Mitsui & Co. (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd.

Our Business

Iron & Steel Products

Providing new value in the global steel product industry, with high-value-added services and business investment as the core elements.

Mineral & Metal Resources

Securing a stable supply of mineral and metal resources and developing our overall recycling business, while being careful to carry out environmentally friendly operation.

Infrastructure Projects

Developing infrastructure projects globally that help create better lives.


Aiming to utilize Mitsui's business engineering capabilities towards the future of transportation systems to create new added value.

Basic Chemicals

Contributing to future value creation beyond industry boundaries.

Performance Chemicals

Fostering businesses in growth industries using chemical business strengths.


Being a leading integrated energy player.

Foods & Retail

Securing reliable and safe food resources and creating a stable, efficient and convenient food supply structure in Asia Pacific region.

Consumer Service

Helping to enrich people's lives by creating business from a global and regional perspective and providing high value-added services.

Innovation & Corporate Development

Utilizing our IT, financial and logistics capabilities to contribute to business expansion and the creation of next-generation businesses.