Mitsui & Co. (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd.

Our Business


Business Fields

Business Fields
  • Logistics, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and finance business for automobiles, motorcycles, and automotive components.
  • Sales, retail, rental and finance business for mining and construction machinery; sales of machine tools, and other industrial machinery
  • Trade, ownership and operation of commercial ships; intermediary services for chartering vessels, sales of secondhand ships and equipment for ships; ship management and technical services.
  • Sales and purchase, leasing, and finance business for aircraft, helicopters, and aircraft engines.
  • Rolling stock leasing, rail transport infrastructure development, etc.

Major Activities

Major Activities

In the motor vehicles field, we have been successfully investing in and supporting a wide range of business activities in the Asia-Pacific region: distribution and retail sales operation for Hino trucks, Toyota and Lexus dealerships, leasing for vehicles, financing for Yamaha motorcycles, etc. In addition, we are also taking steps to enter new business fields, such as electric vehicles and alternative fuel-related business.

In mining and construction machinery, we conduct sales, financing, and rental operations for mining equipment. We have also developed machinery sales business to cope with increased demand for infrastructure in emerging markets.

In shipping, with the general commercial ship business as our core platform, we focus on ship owning and LNG ship business through innovation in our business model. We will also pursue new business in emerging markets where growth is expected.

In aerospace, we will further focus on our aircraft engines business, aircraft leasing business, and helicopter sales business.

In the rail transport field, we are utilizing Japanese institutional finance and public-private partnership schemes to invest in various rail transport infrastructure projects. Our rolling stock leasing business, which we established in the U.S. in the 1990s, has now expanded into Brazil, Europe and Russia. We aim to meet the needs of customers at a range of phases in the rail transport value chain.