Mitsui & Co. (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd.

Our Business

Consumer Service

Business Fields

Business Fields
  • Medical and healthcare
    We manage hospitals and clinics, support manufacturing, sales, wholesale, and distribution of pharmaceuticals through our affiliated companies all cross Asia. In addition, we strive to create and manage healthcare peripheral service businesses.
  • Services
    Contract food service, uniform rental, facility management, and overseas activities that include human resource placement, education, and franchising businesses.
  • Real estate
    Real estate development, real estate management, real estate solutions, and real estate-related businesses.
  • Housing and industrial materials
    Housing materials, woodchips, pulp and paper products, and industrial materials businesses.
  • Fashion
    Global procurement of apparel products, brand marketing businesses and e-commerce businesses in Asia.
  • Media
    Broadcasting and TV shopping businesses in Japan and overseas.

Major Activities

Major Activities

Creating a new business model that conforms to the needs of the times

The consumer market in Asia is expected to expand both quantitatively and qualitatively as a result of population growth and higher living standards. To date, we have built solid, longstanding relationships based on trust with quality business partners.

Focusing on global development in high-growth areas

In the medical and healthcare sector, we are working to globally expand our hospital management business in Asia. We also provide business solutions across the various stages of the pharmaceuticals value chain. Our key focus in the services sector is to globally expand our business in contract food services, facility management, human resource placement, education, franchising, and other services. In the real estate sector, we are participating in new development projects of logistics, office, and residential property in the Asian market with local partners. In the housing and industrial materials sector, in view of growing Asian demand for paper and heightened environmental awareness, we are securing a stable supply of certified afforestation-grown resources and establishing a woodchips supply chain. We are expanding our fashion business in Asia, by working with reliable local strategic partners and introducing new brands. In the media sector, we are working to establish our TV shopping business in Asia.