Mitsui & Co. (Taiwan), Ltd.

Our Business


Metal Division is working as a solution provider in charge of export business of Taiwan origin products, as well as import business of overseas mill's products, to supply customers with qualified material, logistic service, finance, etc. through our global network.


Machinery Division deal with Infrastructure and Mobility field business. We not only supply various machineries and vessels to major companies in Taiwan, but also directly and indirectly export various Taiwan-made machineries to oversea markets. Recently, we are focusing on the development of the renewable energy investment projects that can achieve long-term gains.

Basic Chemicals

Basic Chemicals Division is handling various kinds of basic chemical materials such as methanol, ammonia, chlor-alkali, olefin, aromatics, phenol and its derivatives, special chemicals etc. We are continuously making best effort to provide customers with high quality service by utilizing Mitsui group's global network, prioritizing customers' needs as always.

Performance Chemicals Division

Performance Chemicals Division is engaged in import and domestic sales business of chemical products from inorganic chemicals to functional materials & electronic materials for various applications, and expanding to the export business of high-quality products made in Taiwan through a global network of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. In addition, we also use our accumulated experience in various fields to challenge and launch new businesses.


Mitsui & Co., Ltd. is devoting itself to LNG business, which is highly valued as green energy with less greenhouse effect. Through existing global network, Mitsui successfully bridged the countries with LNG yield and partners then developing the business efficiently. Nowadays, Mitsui also provides various product (e.g. LSFO, coal etc.) to satisfy customers' multiple demands. At last, as a part of circular economy, we positively expand our scale of environmental business by exploring various opportunities of renewable energy.

Food Stuff

Food Stuff Division is involved in the activities of agri-product imports and exports to meet the needs of every food supply chain. In addition, we are actively participating in the investment of domestic food industry, and food processing technology consultation and licensing.

Retail Business

Retail Business Div. Based on "Consumer Intimacy, "Operational Excellence, "Products Differentiation" and SDG's, we are aiming to get the local marketing function. The marketing function composed by the 4P, especially "Place" referring to the realization of "Distribution Channel" and "Warehouse and Logistic," as a sogo shosha, we consider what function we have and where we stand to engage the "DX." We are also challenging the initiatives of another P as "Promotion." In terms of "Product," fashion apparel, cosmetics, consumer product as food & beverage, and food material, packaging material. Considering in traditional culture medical and food come from the same origin, we are also proactive in pharmaceutical medical products and health care service.