Mitsui & Co. (Taiwan), Ltd.

Our Business


Metal Division is working as a solution provider in charge of export business of Taiwan origin products, as well as import business of overseas mill's products, to supply customers with qualified material, logistic service, finance, etc. through our global network.


The Machinery Division supports the business and products of the Infrastructure Projects Business Unit and the Integrated Transportation Systems Business Unit I &Ⅱ. We not only supply machineries and vessels to major companies in Taiwan, but also directly and indirectly export various Taiwan-made machineries to oversea markets. We are also committed to a variety of investment projects that can achieve long-term gains.

IT & Communication Business

We are dedicated to develop innovative ICT business and promote strategic projects which will lead to the evolution of Mitsui's business.

Basic Chemicals

Basic Chemicals handling various kinds of basic chemical materials such as methanol, ammonia, chlor-alkali, olefin, aromatics, industrial chemicals, special chemicals etc. We are continuously making best effort to provide customers with high quality service by utilizing Mitsui group's global network, prioritizing customers' needs as always.

Performance Chemicals First

Performance Chemicals First Division deals with all of the performance chemicals besides products related to advanced materials like LCD/electronics industries. We expect to be a bridge between basic chemical industries and other growing industries.

Performance Chemicals Second

Performance Chemicals Second Division cooperates with Taiwanese makers which play an important role in FPD, Semiconductor and FPC industrials and import raw materials from Japan and Far East and other Asian regions for them.


“Building a stable energy provide system to contain the increasing and variety energy demand of Taiwan society” is the first priority of Mitsui Taiwan Energy Div. Mitsui hammer at Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), a less Green House Effect energy, and we connect the main LNG export countries with business partners through our network.

Food Stuff

Food Stuff Division is involved in the activities of agri-product imports and exports to meet the needs of every food supply chain. In addition, we are actively participating in the investment of domestic food industry, and food processing technology consultation and licensing.

Consumer Service Business

Other than trading the fashion textile products, the life essentials products and the healthcare & the pharmaceutical products and providing the medical services, we also expand our business through the investment with local enterprises.