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Food Stuff

Business fields

Taiwan has a diverse food culture and well developed agricultural/marine industry. Our agri-industry has changed from self-supply of raw materials to imports dependent. Mitsui Taiwan is pleased to witness this evolution in the last century and be involved in the activities of agri-product imports and exports to meet the needs of every food supply chain. In addition, we are actively participating in the investment of domestic food industry, and food processing technology consultation and licensing. Lastly, our goal is to continue ensuring "stable and safe" food supply for our clients.


Major activities

  • Various grain, foodstuff, feed material import and export, domestic & offshore trading business
  • Strategic alliance & partnership 

Key products

  • Grain commodity (corn, soybean, barley, wheat, rice, etc.)
  • Feed material/supplement for livestock (fermented soybean meal, fish meal, copra meal, etc.)
  • Vegetable and animal oil & fat (palm oil, canola oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, avocado oil and fish oil, etc.)
  • Beverage product (coffee bean, coffee related material, tea, juice, dairy, sugar and sugar polyols, etc.)
  • Functional material(milk/whey protein, MCT oil, etc.)
  • Other (Wagyu, bakery material, livestock products, etc.)