Mitsui & Co. (Taiwan), Ltd.

Our Business

Performance Chemicals Division

Business fields

Advanced Materials:

●Display related materials        ●Semiconductor related materials   

●Printed Circuit Board related materials ●Touch Panel related materials   

Functional Materials:

● Synthetic resin, additives      ●Fertilizer raw materials, inorganic resources

● Packaging & Environmental protection related materials


Major activities

● Import of resin materials & electronic materials

● Export of resin products made in Taiwan

● Support for overseas marketing expansion of products made in Taiwan

● Provide solutions for advanced semiconductor's packaging & mounting process


Key products

Advanced materials:

●Flexible Printable Circuit/Touch Panel industry: Polyimide film, Release paper/film, PI ink, Graphite sheet, TIM (Thermal Interface Material),Hard coated film, arious protection films, LDPE film, others.

●Display industry: Polarizing sheet related materials (PVA film, Retardation film, Protecting film), Back light unit materials (reflector film), Panel materials (sputtering target), OLED materials, others.

●Semiconductor chip assembly: Low temperature/low pressure chip bonding, target materials.

Functional materials 

●Synthetic resin, Additives: Polyolefins, engineering plastics, resin modifiers, antioxidants                      

●Fertilizer raw materials, inorganic resources: Iodine, sulfur

●Packaging & Environmental protection related materials: Functional packaging materials, biodegradable products

●Others: Secondary battery materials, supplements, communication related