Mitsui & Co. (Taiwan), Ltd.

Our Business

Consumer Service Business

Business Fields

We are engaging in trade of merchandises and offer of services in following business fields as well as the investment to the same fields.

  • Fashion & textile business fields
  • Life essentials business fields
  • Real estate business fields
  • Healthcare business fields
  • Pharmaceutical business fields
  • Services business fields

Major Activities

  • Fashion & textile business field: Procurement and OEM for apparel & textile materials, brand marketing business.
  • Life essentials business field: Import & export business of woodchips, pulp, and paper products, packaging materials, natural rubber, functional .
  • Healthcare business field: Healthcare ancillary business.
  • Pharmaceutical business field: Support for pharmaceuticals manufacturing and sales.

Key products

  • Fashion & textile business field: Fashion clothing, sportswear, high-functional yarns and fabrics
  • Life essentials business field: Woodchips, pulp, waste paper, packing paper, natural rubber, functional glass
  • Healthcare business field: Medical ancillary services
  • Pharmaceutical business field: Pharmaceutical products