The Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund

Introduction to Grant Projects

Iwate University

Creating and implementing a community-based energy and environmental education program that leverages Iwate's unique qualities

Activity grant

Project Description

Experience-based learning is an effective way to cultivate individuals who can 'think globally and act locally', and the best way of acheiving this is through partnerships between educational institutions, government, NPOs, and other parties. This project aims to establish a regional energy and environmental education partnership to take education programs to a wider range of venues. This involves working with regional educational institutions and facilities, government, NPOs, and others, to:
(1) Create an environmental education program based on Swedish models and hold lessons at elementary, junior high, and high schools
(2) Hold science fairs in each region
(3) Develop experience-based educational materials

Energy problem
Grant year
FY2008 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
April 2009 - March 2012
Grant amount
5,468,000 yen
Activity region
Northern Tohoku, particularly Iwate Prefecture, Japan
An energy and environment class using a bicycle to generate electricity at a Morioka elementary school

Overview of the Organization

Koichi Takaki, Associate Professor
Koichi Takaki, Associate Professor
Establishment purpose
Iwate University is a prefectural university established as a venue for education and research in pursuit of truth, and aims to create an academic culture which cultivates individuals who are broadly-educated but also possess a high-degree of specialisation. As a university open to communities in the region, it also aims to apply the results of its academic and research success to contribute to improving regional culture and developing an international society.
Main areas of activity
Schhols, event spaces, and science centers, primarily in Iwate Prefecture, Japan
800 full-time staff members
Annual operating budget
3.15 million yen in 2006, 1.575 million yen in 2007, 1.575 million yen in 2008
Recent activities
Iwate University is engaged in three types of activity - education, research, and contributing to the local region. It's regional contributory activities aim to improve local community culture and develop an international society, and in order to use the successes of research and education to benefit the community, it carries out the following activities:
  • (1) Providing the local community with academic information, life-long learning venues, and wider access to higher education
  • (2) Participating in revitalization activities that respond to regional needs
  • (3) Implementing international and local community exchange initiatives
    This Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund backed project falls under the scope of (1), and aims to use energy and environment education to cultivate individuals who can build and develop a sustainable society.