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Borneo Conservation Trust Japan (BCTJ) (NPO)

Biological research of medium and large mammals in low-lying mixed Dipterocarpaceae forest in the Kinabatangan River and Segama river basin of Borneo Island, Malaysia

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Project Description

The Kinabatangan river and Segama river basin in the North-Eastern part of Borneo Island is an area of tropical rainforest inhabited by rare wild animals. However, the ecosystem is collapsing as the forest is depleted due to over-exploitation of oil palm plantations. The appearance of wild animals which live deep in the forest in areas inhabited by humans is increasing. Despite this being an area of rich biodiversity, scientific biological investigations have not been long been conducted. Therefore, this project will identify the habitat situation of the wild animals through continuous investigation utilizing drones and automatic shooting cameras.
The results will be widely disseminated, and will highlight the importance of activities to preserve the ecosystem of Borneo. [No. K16-0044]

Global Environment
Grant year
FY2016 Activity Grants
Grant term
2 years
From October 2016 to September 2018
Grant amount
3 million yen
Activity region
The Kinabatangan River and Segama River Basin, Borneo Island (Sabah State), Malaysia
A wild Borneo elephant. Animals lose their homes as the forest is depleted, and encounters with humans is becoming a large problem.

Overview of the Organization

Representative: Takashi Aoki
Chairman: Osamu Ishida
Since the late 1960s, deforestation and coal mining has been taking place in Borneo. At the same time, the development of plantations for the production of palm oil has advanced, and the tropical rainforest has quickly depleted. Deforestation spreading throughout Borneo means the tropical rainforest - a treasure trove of biodiversity - has decreased by more than 40%, and wildlife is also losing its habitat. To leave an ecosystem in place for the future, activities are continuing towards the mission of preserving biodiversity and protecting the tropical rainforest.
Recent Activities
To engage in activities which protect the natural environment and conserve biodiversity in the Malaysian island of Borneo. Palm oil plantation developments are spreading in the area surrounding the Kinabatangan River which flows through the North-Eastern part of Borneo Island, and as only small areas of conserved forest remains, the habitat for wildlife has shrunk, and clashes with humans are increasing. To protect wildlife habitats, we are conducting ongoing activities consisting of purchasing forests around protected areas, tree planting, and linking those areas to leave a large forest for the future.
Number of Full-time employee: 1 / Number of Part timers: 2 / Number of Members: 200
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Voice of Representative
The tropical rainforest of Borneo is continuing to be lost as it is developed year to year at a rapid pace. By investigating the habitat environment of the animals living in the remaining tropical rainforest and obtaining important data, future conservation activities and local ecotourism will be supported.