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Arakawa Clean Aid Forum

Collaboration between private businesses and NPOs to create an "adopt" system for management of the Arakawa River

Activity grant

Project Description

The Arakawa River, a Class 1 River, has a natural levee. From the mouth of the river for 20km the waters are brackish, making the area rich in both sea and freshwater biodiversity. Every year, the Arakawa Clean Aid Forum organizes refuse clean-up activities for 10,000 participants at 100 locations in the same area, and conducts research and analysis of the refuse. However, we also recognize that periodic conservation activities are also necessary in order to protect the endangered species living along the Arakawa River. Through these activities, we will introduce an "adopt" system (as in "adopt a child") whereby the public and businesses periodically manage natural areas at appropriate locations along the river basin. In the first year of the system's introduction, the authorities, river basin authorities, and the tens of companies will meet for discussions to establish policies for a system that ensures the continued protection of endangered species through collaboration between NPOs and businesses. From the second year onwards, we will refine the number of participating businesses, draw up a year-long implementation plan, conduct a trial of the program, and assess its practicality, with the aim of full implementation to establish a program. In doing so, we will create an "adopt" system in the area of river management for the protection of endangered species formed by businesses and NPOs, with the potential for the system to be expanded and implemented in other river regions in future.

Preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2010 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
October 2010 - September 2013
Grant amount
7,646,000 yen
Activity region
Arakawa river flood plain, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Environmental learning at Arakawa river and endangered species mortonagrion hirosei (a species of damselfly)

Overview of the Organization

Sato Shohei, Representative director
Sato Shohei, Representative director
Establishment purpose
The aim of this organization is to establish citizenship over river management, from the upstream of the Arakawa river in Chichibu, Saitama to downstream in Tokyo's Edogawa-ku. This will be done through realizing administrative, local government, company and school partnerships in areas of the rivers expanse, reducing rubbish, conserving biodiversity, water purification, and considering the environmental education of children.
Main areas of activity
The Arakawa river catchment area (From upsteam in Saitama Prefecture, Chichibu to downstream in Tokyo's Edogawa-ku)
2 full-time members, 3 part-time members, 169 full members
Annual operating income
16.64 million yen in 2007, 17.12 million yen in 2008, 18.17 million yen in 2009
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Recent activities
  • (1) Clean aid activities
    In addition to picking up rubbish in the Arakawa river catchment area, the collected rubbish is analyzed for type and size, and improvements from manufacturers and distributors are requested.
  • (2) Environmental education
    Building a space where various creatures can live whilst cooperating with countries and local governments, experts and companies. Implementing environmental support learning for elementary, junior high and senior high schools. In addition, as part of company training for new recruits, we have established programs for the picking up of garbage and nature observation, to cultivate human resource development.