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Fujisan Club

Creation of the Mt. Fuji Environmental Garbage Map

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Project Description

This organization, with the help of local volunteers, tackles the unlawful dumping of garbage on Mt. Fuji. However, the simple picking up of the garbage is not a drastic enough solution, and this organization recognizes that it is essential to first grasp the amount, type of garbage, and location of what is being unlawfully dumped in the base region of Mt. Fuji and then to work with local authorities and residents to fix the problem. Therefore, this initiative will conduct a garbage distribution study at the base of Mt. Fuji and reflect the data onto an electronic map. This data is to be used for both mountain garbage collection activities and for sharing with local authorities so that they can propose further prevention strategies and eradicate this unlawful dumping issue once and for all. Specifically, the organization aims to carry out a field investigations at the base of Mt. Fuji and gather data using a GPS phone with a built-in camera and then collate these results onto a "Mt. Fuji Environmental Trash Map", which will then be made public.

Preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2005 Activity Grants
Grant term
2 years
January 2006 - December 2007
Grant amount
8,400,000 yen
Activity region
Base of Mt. Fuji
Researchers record the location of a dumped tyre using GPS phones with built-in cameras

Overview of the Organization

Takayasu Okushima, Chairman
Takayasu Okushima, Chairman
Establishment purpose
To leave a beautiful Mt. Fuji for our children by preventing destruction of the environment.
Main areas of activity
Mt. Fuji, etc.
8 full-time staff members, 1,200 full members
Annual operating budget
69.98 million yen for 2005, 67.35 million yen for 2006, 47.95 million yen for 2007
WEB site
Principal activities
As said in the organization's mission statement of "we are here to protect the water, greenery, and life gifted to us by Mt. Fuji and we will continue to work hard to leave Mt. Fuji in all its beauty to our children as the place where our hearts reside", this organization is active in the environmental preservation of Mt. Fuji, networking, and education.