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Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats (recommended by overseas office)

Integrated research areas for exploring environmental sustainability in arid regions (DESIRE)

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Project Description

The movement to combat desertification in Karapinar, Turkey, started in the 1960s, but the 'soil erosion control areas' set up have since been abolished and initiatives have lost impetus. This project aims to use the lessons learned from past programs in order to continue these efforts. First a scientific survey of soil and vegetation will be carried out to evaluate the successes of these past programs. The results of these surveys will be used to find suitable soil control methods and locations will be established for local people to engage in farming and livestock rearing with the aim of reducing poverty in the area. The results of these activities will be shared through Turkish and international networks to help areas suffering from similar problems all over the world.

Climate changePreservation of surface soil and forests
Grant year
FY2006 Activity Grants
Grant term
2 years and 6 months
July 2006 - December 2008
Grant amount
48,579,392 yen
Activity region
Karapinar, Turkey
An arid area of Karapinar, Turkey

Overview of the Organization

Deniz Atac, General Director
Deniz Atac, General Director
Establishment purpose
In order to create a peaceful society without poverty or famine in rural areas and restore a crisis-free future, the foundation does the following: (1) improves agricultural techniques that are linked to soil erosion, desertification, drought, pollution, and environmental damage in rural areas, (2) devises improvements to governmental, bureaucratic, and environmental policy that damages the environment, (3) ensures the conservation and sustainability of biodiversity, topsoil, water, and other natural resources, (4) executes government policy and regulations for environmental conservation and encourages the fulfillment of international obligations, and (5) raises public awareness.
Main area of activity
115 full-time staff members, 345,000 full members
Annual operating budget
387 million yen in 2005, 423 million yen in 2006, 580 million yen in 2007
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Recent activities
The foundation carries out public awareness campaigns and educational programs in order to increase awareness of environmental issues such as topsoil erosion, desertification, loss of biodiversity, and climate change. With support from over 550 volunteer staff and 300,000 members, it advocates legislation for the conservation of forests, pasture, agricultural land, and natural habitats. It also implements model projects in different regions, creating alternative, environmentally-friendly sources of income in order to regenerate forests, develop agriculture, and conserve biodiversity.