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Introduction to Grant Projects

Chiiki Junkan Kenkyusho

The validation and popularization of "Children's Regional Inspections" as a tool within compulsory education to tackle climate change

Activity grant

Project Description

In order to reduce CO2 in the difficult to regulate private homes sector, this organization will implement a local authority-aimed program, the "Children's Local Inspections", in Sasebo as a tool to fight global warming. Sasebo will be used as a case study in the consideration of the rolling out this initiative nationwide, and through these activities the organization aims to draw up a manual for this program and popularize the idea. Using classroom education and local activities children and students will be trained to become counsellors who will propose environmental inspections and global warming strategies for schools, governmental institutions, and companies and will cooperate with core governmental, business, and resident groups at a local level to develop sustainable global warming prevention strategies. The organization will collaborate with Sasebo City from the beginning as a case study district. From 2007, the organization has been utilized as a part of the "Local Environment Workshop" given by this city and have been adopted as policy.

Climate changeEnergy problem
Grant year
FY2006 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
July 2006 - June 2009
Grant amount
8,923,840 yen
Activity region
Sasebo City and other regions within Nagasaki Prefecture
Elementary school "Children's Regional Inspection" classes

Overview of the Organization

Ryuko Yamaguchi, Chairman
Ryuko Yamaguchi, Chairman
Establishment purpose
This organization aims to promote the spread of environmental conservation activities, the completion and dvelopment of environmental mesures and conservation, and to contribute to any and all activities that may benefit the planet. It was established as a parent organization to the Nakagawa office at the Nagasaki University Faculty of Environmental Science in May 2000 and incorporated in October of the same year.
Main areas of activity
Japan nationwide
1 full-time employee, 4 part-time employees, 10 full members
Annual operating budget
23.30 million yen for 2005, 21.69 million yen for 2006, 30.58 million yen for 2007
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Recent activities
This organization helps to form policy for local authorities mainly concerning the re-use of organic material, as well as about resources, energy, environmental awareness, dietary education, etc., and have expanded the development of educational programs that cover these topics for the lifelong learning of regions and schools. The organization differs from existing consultants as it conducts studies and proposes policy in collaboration with each authority or learning institution while also focusing on how to maximize cooperation between each core group. The organization makes use of unique local networks to continue research and practical activities.