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Introduction to Grant Projects

Miyagi University School of Project Design Department of Business and Project Planning

Projects to deploy community restoration promotion teams and build a system of support

Activity grant

Project Description

The department considers collaboration between government and citizens as a key precursor to restoration activities. The lifestyle of those living in farming and fishing villages since the earthquake has depended on the mutual support of local communities and local governments. The department seeks to deploy community restoration promotion teams to conduct support activities and build a system of support in Miyagi Prefecture to connect communities and local governments in areas affected by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.

Grant year
FY2011 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years and 3 months
July 2011 - September 2014
Grant amount
20,075,940 yen
Activity region
Primarily Higashimatsushima and Minamisanriku; Areas of Miyagi Prefecture impacted by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake including Natori, Yamamoto, and Marumori
A community support meeting held to rebuild communities in Miyagi Prefecture

Overview of the Organization

Takao Suzuki, Assistant Professor
Takao Suzuki, Assistant Professor
Establishment purpose
Contribute to the development of talented individuals who can respond proactively to a changing world, and to local and global society. Miyagi University is dedicated to promoting hospitality and amenity, teaching students highly specialized and practical skills to lead development effors and make contributions to the world and to local academic and cultural richness.
Main areas of activity
Japan and abroad
209 full-time staff members, 44 part-time staff members
Annual operating budget
889.6 million yen in 2008 (before incorporation); 3.5 billion yen in 2009, 3.3 billion yen in 2010
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Main activities
The School of Project Design has been credited for its efforts to forge new frontiers in Japanese academia as a leader in practical academic-oriented university education and research. The School was established through vigorous discussions between academics, business and government leaders who expressed a critical need to design a post-secondary academic program that combines theory with practical case study methodologies and advanced skills required to become leaders in the community upon graduation. The School works closely with community, business and government leaders to offer multidisciplinary practical academics to students.