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Miyagi University, School of Project Design, Department of Business and Project Planning

Prefectural cooperation for medical support activities throughout Miyagi Prefecture for patients suffering from nutritional related illness in disaster afflicted areas

Activity grant

Project Description

This project aims to create a system that can help continuously provide high quality medical care in evacuation centers and disaster stricken areas after the Great Eastern Japan earthquake. This is done by ensuring the smooth exchange of information and collaboration for medical professionals such as doctors and nurses who are providing daily support. Specifically, a secure telecommunications infrastructure at main medical facilities within earthquake afflicted areas of Miyagi Prefecture will be implemented, results of work undertaken by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (regional medical care cooperation and support system) will be applied, and a mechanism independent of time or place will be constructed which shares patient information regarding nutrition related illnesses. For patients with ulcers, images of the affected area are essential, so PC tablets equipped with a camera function need to be utilized, and also ensuring that adequate medical and nursing support in areas with inadequate communication infrastructure is provided.

Grant year
FY2011 Activity Grants
Grant term
2 years
October 2011 - September 2013
Grant amount
9,600,000 yen
Activity region
Areas throughout Miyagi Prefecture affected by the disaster; Kesennuma City, Minamisanriku, Ishinomaki, Japan
Efforts to provide high quality care in disaster affected areas through smooth medical collaboration

Overview of the Organization

Professor Atsushi Togashi
Professor Atsushi Togashi
Establishment year
Establishment purpose
This municipal university corporation university is established on the Local Incorporated Administrative Agency Act (Act No. 118 of 2003), and aims to manage and contribute to the development of society and local industry by being a base for outstanding educational research, to promote academic activities, along with returning to society by disseminating the results widely, and cultivate talent along with creative intelligent and rich humanity.
Main areas of activity
Throughout Japan and in various countries connected to Japan
198 full-time staff members
Annual operating budget
Blank before being incoproated as an institution in 200, 3.53 million yen in 2009, 3.36 million yen in 2010
WEB site
Collaborating organization(s)
Miyagi Medical and Welfare Information Network, Miyagi Information Service Industry Association, The Sendai Foundation for the Support of Applied Research
Collaborating researchers
Takashi Tsuchiya, Deputy Director and Chief of Surgery Sendai Medical Center, Yoshio Takeuchi, Representative Director, PRO Ltd
Recent activities
  • (1) Establish and run a university.
  • (2) To provide assistance and consultation to students about study, course selection, as well as physical and mental health.
  • (3) To take on consignments from those outside of corporation, and conduct educational research activities and join research in collaboration and with support from those non-corporation persons.
  • (4) Establishing a course to offer those who aren't students a chance to study.
  • (5) Promote and disseminate the use of educational research results from universities.
  • (6) To do work accompanying the aforementioned activities.