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Miyagi University, Faculty of Project Design, Department of Design Information

Development and support activities for reconstruction community architects conducting fishery reconstruction assistance in Tohoku

Activity grant

Project Description

This project will contribute to the fishing industry in Tohoku with a bottom-up approach by developing and supporting reconstruction community architects (hereinafter, "reconstruction CAs") through the practical design of actual fishing industry facilities in response to the current shortage in design engineers that are necessary for the reconstruction of fishing industry in Tohoku. We will establish bases for ongoing activities by reconstruction CAs in Sendai City and Minamisanriku Town, support local branches of fishing associations and fisheries cooperatives through the practical design of fishing industry reconstruction facilities by reconstruction CAs, and build ongoing support networks through university collaboration throughout the entire prefecture. In addition, the Architectural Institute of Japan, Committee for Supporting Rehabilitation and Construction will provide backup support for these activities and use social media to spread information on the activities.

Grant year
FY2011 Activity Grants
Grant term
2 years
April 2012 - March 2014
Grant amount
11,621,000 yen
Activity region
Kesennuma City, Minamisanriku Village, Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Minamisanriku Town, Ban-ya of Shizugawa.

Overview of the Organization

Yasu Takeuchi, Associate Professor
Yasu Takeuchi, Associate Professor
Establishment year
Establishment purpose
We will develop human resources with a spirit of hospitality and attentive sense towards amenities and advanced specialization and practical skills that are capable of leading development in the region and contributing to the world, while contributing to improvements in academic research and culture and the formation of abundant and vibrant regional societies.
Main activity areas
Kesennuma City (Karakuwa, Shishiori, Matsuiwa, Otani), Minamisanriku Village (Shizugawa), Higashimatsushima City (Tona, Hama City), Watari Village, etc.
Number of staff members
148 full-time staff members
WEB site
Collaborating organizations
Normal Design Associates, NPO Reconstruction and Town Building Research Institute, Kyoentai, I-Link, Kinki University Wakita Lab, etc.
Main activities
The first university department in Japan for systematically studying knowledge and technologies related to business planning, and developing human resources capable of comprehensively producing various businesses in a new era. The aim of the project is to conduct education and research on business concept knowledge and technologies that will serve as the driving force for the development of modern society and various related policy challenges in order to respond to various social needs, create services and businesses, and contribute to social abundance and regional development.