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Masazumi Nishikawa, Professor at Miyagi University Department of Food Management, Regional Cooperation Center

Redevelopment of a sustainable fishing industry that considers the protection of marine resources — working towards the revitalization of the Yuriage ark shell brand

Research grant

Project Description

This research analyses changes to the ocean environment in the Yuriage district of Natori-shi, resulting from the Great East Japan Earthquake (Earthquake and Tsunami), the distribution of living organisms (ark shell), changes in quality, and provides an objective view on their quality and safety. At the same time, it aims to objectively establish a sizing standards and rules regarding no-fishing zones, and preserve the only source of Yuriage ark shells. Additionally, establish the stable supply and distribution route for ark shells, and promotion of marine product processing locations, and achieve the sustainable and developmental revitalization of the fisheries industry.

Marine resources/foodPreservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2011 Research Grants
Grant term
2 years and 9 months
July 2011 - March 2014
Grant amount
15,545,410 yen
Activity region
Yuriage District, Natori-shi, Miyagi Prefecture
Ark shell auctions at the Yuriage Port (prior to the earthquake)

Overview of the Organization

Professor Masazumi Nishikawa
Professor Masazumi Nishikawa
Specialist fields
Fisheries science, Food function, Petrochemistry
Affiliated academic societies
Japanese Society of Fisheries Science, Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science, Japan Society for Lipid Nutrition, Japan Oil Chemists' Society, Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, Japan Pharmacological Society, Vitamin Society of Japan, Japan Association of Food Preservation Science
Graduated from Tohoku University Faculty of Agriculture in March 1982, joined Daiyo Fisheries (now Maruha Nichiro Holdings) central research facility and Chemical Foods Business Division from April 1985 to March 2006, acquired Doctorate (pharmaceuticals) at Tohoku University in 1997, Doctorate (medicine) at Kyushu University in 2001, became a Professor at Miyagi University School of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in April 2005, and Director of the Miyagi University Regional Liaison Center from April 2009 to March 2011 (concurrent role)
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Research partners
Miyagi Universtiy Regional Liaison Center Professor Tomoki Ito, Miyagi University School of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Associate Professor Akira Morita, Assistant Professor Michifumi Kimizuka
Research results
Conducting research on establishing branding for regional products, focusing on the fisheries industry, while working in close cooperation with local organizations, with the aim of achieving regional revitalization.
"Research on the branding of Akazara-scallops, an unused fisheries resource", "Basic research on Yuriage Ark Shell brand revitalization", "Research on nutrients in mackerel shark meat", "Basic research on the utilization of Hoya shells left over as fishery waste", Utilization and functional development of shark hearts", "Development of technology to identify production localities of Miyagi Scallops", "Research on the branding of Roman vegetable puntarelle grown in Miyagi", etc.
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42 Patent applications, including international applications