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Introduction to Grant Projects

Nagoya NGO Center

Approaches to realizing a new sustainable society and utilizing network-based back office operations of NGOs in the Chubu region to support relief efforts in connection with the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake

Activity grant

Project Description
In order to ensure that the activities of organizations involved in disaster relief are carried out effectively and sustainably, the institution of a backup system (volunteer recruitment, coordination, orientations, practical support, etc.) is necessary. Our objective is to develop a new sustainable vision of society, fostering mutually beneficial relationships between NGOs and local citizens, aligning values, and actively promoting discussions on renewable energy.
Energy problemPreservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2011 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years and 6 months
April 2011 - September 2014
Grant amount
14,807,000 yen
Activity region
Tokai, Tohoku
Staff arranging radiation detection equipment received from Ukraine

Overview of the Organization

Kazuhiro Nishii, President
Kazuhiro Nishii, President
Establishment purpose
Established as the Nagoya Third World Exchange Center in 1987, consisting of 13 organizations dedicated to networking with local NGOs. A humanitarian initiative set up by local citizens, it is a democratically run non-profit organization focused on fostering international collaboration between NGOs in the areas of development, human rights, and the environment. In doing so, Nagoya NGO Center hopes to contribute to robust development of NGOs and its ultimate goal of world peace
Main areas of activity
Tokai, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eurasia
3 full-time staff members and 1 part-time staff member; 48 full members
Annual operating budget
14 million yen in 2008, 18.6 million yen in 2009, 20.6 million yen in 2010
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Main activities
To achieve their goals, Nagoya NGO Center promotes relationships among NGOs and between NGOs and other sectors, and also provides consulting, information collection and distribution, research, advising for municipalities and government, international exchange and development education, and human resource activity support services, all to achieve the ultimate goal of world peace.