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Center for Africa Area Studies, Kyoto University

Greenery project in Sahel region of West Africa used organic waste from the city for livestock

Activity grant

Project Description

Sahel region of West Africa promotes unique greenery project which used the city's raw garbage and waste
West Africa's Republic of Niger has established a greenery project which deposits organic waste from the city on thirty devastated wasteland areas of 50-100m2 to create grassland. The greenery continues to grow, and livestock now graze on the grass, where trees are growing out of the excrement. In this area, local residents have a strong need for this project, as there is a serious problem with terror attacks, disputes, and conflicts due to food and land shortages. Utilizing over 15 years of research results and person-to-person networks, the project aims for conflict prevention between ethnic groups, finding solutions to desertification and food shortages, and health improvement in urban areas and wasteland restoration. [Project No. K15-0013]

Ecosystems and the Symbiotic Society
Grant year
FY15/3 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
October 2015 - September 2018
Grant amount
22,590,000 yen
Activity region
Area surrounding Niamey, the capital city of Republic of Niger, West Africa
The introduction of a city's organic waste- as a guide, the amount of waste is 20kg to ever 1m2. There is some plastic and vinyl garbage which get mixed with the waste, but carefully proportioned sand is added, and care is taken not to spill the mixture.

Overview of the Organization

Shuichi Oyama, Project leader
Project organization
Kyoto University
Center for Africa Area Studies, Kyoto University
Center Director Masayoshi Shigeta
Establishment purpose
Our center is aiming to be a hub for African studies not only in Japan, but the world. The main research content includes (1) Research ecology, economy, livelihoods, culture, language and race in Africa, (2) Solution to moder problems such as disputes and terror attacks, poverty alleviation and economic development, food security (3) Wide ranging solutions to environmental problems, such as the reservation of tropical rainforests, desertification restoration, protection of wild animals. We also collaborate with research facilities and universities in Japan and overseas to conduct joint research and disseminate results.
Recent activities
(1) Publication of periodical journal "African Study Monographs", (2) A database with accumulated research results from Africa researchers from around the world, a database called "AFlora" which documents useful plans, and construction of a conflict and symbiosis database (3) Disseminate research results to the public of the Africa area studies group and provide public lectures and school visits aimed at the general public, along with video distribution.
13 full-time staff members
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Representative's Comment
There is desertification in the Sahel region which is causing a lot of difficulty to daily life, and issues regarding land and conflicts between ethnic groups means terror attacks occur often. Although it's a very oppressive situation, we are working with the local people to endeavour to prevent terrorism and conflict, work on environmental restoration with organic waste, and help food production.