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Creating a space for discussion and dialogue amongst young people — The choice of energy in 30 years' time —

Activity grant

Project Description

Thinking about energy choices in 30 years' time — Energy workshop for the young people of the next generation.
The next generation energy workshop (WS) is held in collaboration with universities, research institutions, and NPOs. The purpose of WS is for young people, such as university students, who are responsible for the future to share basic knowledge regarding energy. The WS creates a space for discussion and dialogue, to discuss values and ideas with experts and those of the same generation, where individuals can reach their own ideas and announce the results. In summary, proposals and tools are created to disseminate this type of interactive education method of learning about energy to universities throughout the country. [Project No. K15-0048]

Relationship between People and Society
Grant year
FY15/3 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
October 2015 - September 2018
Grant amount
8,999,000 yen
Activity region
Tokyo; Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture; Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
A group representative presents the intermediary stages and final proposal of nine groups

Overview of the Organization

Masaharu Yagishita, Project Leader
Project organization
Incorporated educational institution Sophia University
Institute for Studies of the Global Environment
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies Director/Sophia University, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies Professor Otsubo Kuninori
Establishment purpose
Our research institute looks at environmental issues in modern day society with a multilateral, interdisciplinary approach. We aim to contribute to humanity on a national and local level, and creative development on a global scale.
Recent activities
(1) Academic research and investigation of global environmental problems
(2) Support for educational activities at our university
(3) Holding of workshops, symposiums, lectures etc.
(4) The collection and organization of books and materials
(5) Collaboration and cooperation with overseas and domestic related organizations
(6) Consigned contract research from external organizations
(7) Promotion of collaborative projects with external institutions
(8) Others
2 part-time staff members
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Representative's Comment
This project creates a space based on information sharing for young people to engage in discussion about the future choices for energy, and to listen carefully to the opinions of others. The expansions of these discussions throughout the country will contribute towards the driving force for energy reform in Japanese society.