Forming Food and Nutrition × Wellness Ecosystem

In light of diversifying consumer needs and increasing health consciousness, we are working to provide preventive care through healthy food. We are promoting initiatives to create added value in areas such as deliciousness, nutrition, and health, and across the entire value chain, in addition to establishing a system for stable supply. Reducing environmental impact in food production is another important initiative.

Logistics Functions That Support Stable Supply

Global logistics functions have been consolidated under the Logistics Strategy Division, established as a corporate unit and Mitsui Bussan Trade Services, a subsidiary specializing in trade procedures and logistics arrangements, thereby enhancing Mitsui’s overall logistics proposal ability, competitiveness and practical capabilities.

1. Consolidated and Optimized Logistics

Consolidating our logistics and integrating logistics data have enabled us to select the most suitable combinations of logistics partners for our diverse supply chains, thereby reducing costs by approximately ¥4 billion annually (estimate for the fiscal year ended March 2022).

2. Global Network

100 logistics specialists in Japan and overseas meet the needs worldwide.

3. Pursuit of Advanced Logistics Functions and Risk Management

We have deployed our expertise in logistics areas including diagnostics, improvement and digital transformation to support advances in logistics functions that help enhance our affiliates’ corporate value; utilized supply chain optimization and inventory reduction to optimize logistics costs (e.g., an inventory reduction project for an overseas affiliate contributed to an improvement in cash flow totaling approximately ¥4 billion over five years); unified our crisis management response related to various domestic and international regulations and to logistics functions; and upgraded the framework for our business continuity plan.

Initiatives for Protein Supply

Initiatives for Sustainable Protein Supply

Establishing a sustainable protein supply system that reduces environmental impact has become a necessity due to rising demand accompanying population growth, economic development, and improvement in living standards, as well as rising environmental awareness. We are utilizing our accumulated expertise and will take this business model that we have developed in Japan and expand into overseas.

Initiatives for Healthcare through Food

Initiatives for Healthcare through Food

Leveraging expertise gained in our contract food service business, which started with workplace dining, we provide food that addresses growing health consciousness. In addition, we aim to further expand business through collaboration with healthcare and nutrition initiatives such as preventive care through food.