Create, Grow, Extend in the Field of Mobility

We “created” businesses leveraging the strong relationships with partners, “grew” them over several decades, and built a large-scale mobility infrastructure. We will further advance these initiatives in Medium-term Management Plan 2026.

In North America, we will pursue synergies with Penske Group and other existing businesses, and develop businesses in adjacent fields.
In Central and South America, we aim to create stronger business clusters through collaboration between existing businesses and the acquisition of new functions.
In Asia, we will collaborate with local partners to form sizable business clusters, backed by economic growth in each country.
Through these initiatives, as well as activities in other regions, we will expand our business clusters in the mobility field from the current three to nine.

*Supply chain solutions business cluster: Sales and service network centered on import, wholesale and retail

*1 PAG: Penske Automotive Group in the US *2 PTL: Penske Truck Leasing, a company in the PAG Group *3 Mitta: Inversiones Mitta owned by Autorentas del Pacífico