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Clean ammonia production business

Based on its nearly 50 years of ammonia trading experience (the largest share of imports in Japan) and its strong network of global partners, Mitsui has started up a clean ammonia production business ahead of others with the aim of building a large-scale supply chain. Traditionally used mainly for fertilizer and industrial applications, ammonia is now attracting attention as a zero-emission fuel that emits no CO2 when burned, as a means of transporting hydrogen, and as a means of decarbonization in a wide variety of industries. We are working on the practical application of two different approaches to ammonia: blue ammonia and green ammonia.

Blue ammonia offsets CO2 emissions from the fossil fuel-based manufacturing process. The CO2 generated in the manufacturing process of ammonia is highly pure and easy to recover, and can be stored and offset by CCS/CCUS with no capital investment. Green ammonia, on the other hand, refers to ammonia produced by synthesizing hydrogen produced by water electrolysis using renewable energy and nitrogen extracted from air. Blue ammonia is ahead of green ammonia in terms of cost competitiveness, but we are working on the coexistence of green ammonia and blue ammonia over the medium to long term in order to meet demand.

Specific manufacturing business initiatives around the world include a clean ammonia production project in Western Australia using our own gas interests, as well as a project being promoted in the United Arab Emirates with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) in the Middle East and a newly established project in the United States with CF Industries of the United States. Mitsui will be involved in these projects. Mitsui will contribute to the low carbonization of a wide variety of industries in various countries and regions through the stable supply of clean ammonia produced in these projects.

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