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Production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)/LanzaJet

Mitsui is working with LanzaJet, a U.S. company in which Mitsui has invested, on the large-scale production of SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), a next-generation aviation fuel.
SAF is produced using the Alcohol to Jet (ATJ) process, which uses ethanol, and the technology developed by LanzaJet enables highly efficient SAF production.
The U.S. government aims to produce and supply approximately 11 million kl of SAF per year by 2030, and LanzaJet has committed to producing approximately 3.85 million kl of SAF per year in response to this goal, and is currently constructing a demonstration plant with an annual capacity of 38,000 kl.
In addition, LanzaJet is planning to produce 220,000 kl of SAF per year in Japan in cooperation with Mitsui and Cosmo Oil.

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