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Rainforest Foundation Japan (NPO)

Beekeeping business with the goal of economic independence for Amazonian natives in Brazil

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Project Description

A beekeeping business which utilizes the rich biodiversity of the tropical rainforest environment is effective in solving the issues faced by the target region. Although there is no fully established monetary economy in this region, it will be essential to introduce a monetary system in the coming years. The indigenous tribes of this region are often targets of discrimination, and are at risk of becoming part of the bottom rank of Brazilian society. There are hopes that co-existence can be achieved through collaboration between local residents and cooperation with external NGOs, and the securing of dristribution channels and establishment of markets in line with the rules of Brazilian society. We firmly beleive that we can realize an alternative, which is for the tribes to continue to survive and maintain their own culture, and that this is a groundbreaking project that falls under Goal 12 of the SDGs. [No. K18-0010]

Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund FY2018 Activity Grants List (PDF 372KB)

Relationship between People and Society
Grant year
FY2018 Activity Grants
Grant term
1 year (April 2019 - March 2020)
Grant amount
Activity region
Honey collection work by Carapalo beekeeper

Overview of the Organization

Representative: Kenko Minami
Project organization
Rainforest Foundation Japan (NPO)
Representative: Kenko Minami
Establishment Purpose
Tropical forests in Brazil's Amazon, which is a global oxygen supply source, are steadily decreasing due to development based on economic priority logic. This group has been established to support the survival of the indigenous people called Indio who live in this area. Along with tropical forest conservation and indigenous people support projects in the field, lectures are also held in Japan and enlightenment activities are carried out in order to have more people understand the situation.
Recent Activities
(1) Tropical forest protection project: Firefighting by the indigenous people to prevent frequent spontaneous fires, provision of fire protection support, wildlife protection, and research into the decreasing availability of herbs in the area
(2) Economic independence support project: Support projects such as beekeeping for the purpose of economic independence for the indigenous people
(3) Medical support business: Provide emergency support for the contraction of diseases for which no immunity exists, material support in the form of medicine, etc.
Number of Full-time employees: 2 / Number of Part timers: 3 / Number of Members: 980 (1 organization)
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Voice of Representative
This project serves as a model case for the economic independence of a local people in an area where a monetary economy has not yet been established, as well as for tropical forest protection. In spreading this success story and supporting the economic independence of the Indio, it is possible to create a path toward coexistence within Brazilian society.