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Introduction to Grant Projects

Greenwood Nature Experience Education Center (NPO)

Regional education building through "Interregional Student Exchange" and "Nature Experience" programs

Activity grant

Project Description

Population decline is continuing in Yasuoka, Nagano prefecture, and because children in the area have few nearby playmates, they and those of child-rearing age have few reasons to take advantage of the town's abundant natural resources and beauty. This initiative provides a variety of different programs for those children and their guardians, like learning how to make charcoal from local residents, gathering wild vegetables, and other activities through which residents can enjoy the forest. This organization also carries out an exchange program for elementary school students living in other rural communities. By helping these students make friends and increasing the number of young people who can experience the appeal of a lifestyle surrounded by nature, the program aims to promote local development, increase the number of I-turners and U-turners, and cultivate local supporters of the region. [No. K17-0004]

Relationship between People and Society
Grant year
FY2017 Activity Grants
Grant term
Two years (From October 2017 to September 2019)
Grant amount
2 million yen
Activity region
Yasuoka Village, Nagano Prefecture
Activities planned to connect the next generation of young parents with the enjoyment of village life

Overview of the Organization

Representative: Shin Saito
Project organization
Greenwood Nature Experience Education Center (NPO)
Representative Director: Hideyuki Tsuji
Establishment Purpose
By making effective use of Japan's abundant natural environment and educational nature-experience activities, this organization aims to contribute to the wholesome and healthy rearing of youth and the construction of lifestyles that include an abundance of leisure time.
As today's youth bear responsibility for the next generation, the organization especially strives to support the cultivation young people with rich hearts filled with the energy to live life to the fullest, implementing a variety of educational nature-experience programs that take advantage of forests, rivers, and other natural environments.
Recent Activities
  • Year-long boarding-style nature experience program, "Life School Daidarabotchi"
  • Summer and winter vacation nature experience program, "Shinshu Children Bandit Camp"
  • Program targeting small children and their families, "Forest Kindergarten Mamebochi"
  • University seminars, and classes, "Joint University Camp", etc.
Number of Full-time employees: 14
WEB site
Voice of Representative
We believe that by connecting participants from urban areas with remote mountain villages, we can redevelop awareness of the richness of village life and also connect it to all kinds of problem solving.