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Class for Everyone (NPO)

Creation of ICT education system to areas without electricity with second hand products

Activity grant

Project Description

The permeation of IT has precipitated educational inequality as disparities in the availability of information between developed nations and areas without electricity has widened. This project aims to develop an ICT educational infrastructure that is powered by a small-scale electric generation system whose energy is generated by solar power in a village in Tanzania where it is sunny for 300 days throughout the year. Second hand solar panels and computers collected in Japan will be used. Localized manuals for electric generation systems will be created to establish a framework, which will allow residents to independently create and manage these systems. Reduction of the educational gap, energy conservation, the use of renewable energy and the improvement of access to energy sources for developing countries will be addressed. [No. K17-0044]

Resource Circulation
Grant year
FY2017 Activity Grants
Grant term
Two years (From October 2017 to September 2019)
Grant amount
5.2 million yen
Activity region
Collaboration with 28 countries mainly from Asia and Africa
Teaching members how to create an off grid electric power source

Overview of the Organization

Representative: Hiroshi Takahama
Project organization
Class for Everyone (NPO)
Administrative Director: Takahama Hiroshi
Establishment Purpose
The purpose of this project is to promote 'equal opportunities', 'discovering potential in people' and 'developing a sustainable society and people' by conducting programs that reduce disparities in the availability of information to impoverished people in developing countries.
Recent Activities
Activities aiming to create equal opportunities are being undertaken with the goal of conceiving a world in which all children - regardless of where they are born - can demonstrate their value. In collaboration with various organizations and corporations, a framework is being devised that will allow people including in areas without electricity in Asia and Africa to use second hand devices from Japan for educational purposes.
Number of Full-time employees: 4 (The Japanese staff: 1, The Tanzanian staff: 3) / Regular members: 10, Monthly members: 15
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Voice of Representative
We aim to spread a DIY spirit for electricity and new sources of electricity for areas without electricity in Africa through this project. Also, through the process of generating electricity, we hope to discover and address issues found in both developed and developing countries.