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Ogasawara Club (NPO)

Realization of environmental conservation activities carried out by residents based on the short tailed albatross model case

Activity grant

Project Description

The short-tailed albatross, a Special Natural Monument, inhabits only the Senkaku islands and Izu islands in the world. There are fears of volcanic eruptions taking place on Torishima Island, so activities were launched ten years ago to transfer breeding grounds to Mukojima Island in the Ogasawara Islands. This aims to establish a situation where initiatives can be continued, with residents acting as the main body and build cooperative relationships and information exchange with overseas albatross protection groups. [No. K17-0052]

Ecosystems and the Symbiotic Society
Grant year
FY2017 Activity Grants
Grant term
Three years (From October 2017 to September 2020)
Grant amount
9.7 million yen
Activity region
Ogasawara Village in Tokyo, New Zealand, Hawaii
Short-tailed Albatross of the Mukojima Island, Ogasawara (From January 2018. The bird at the back is the Black-Footed Albatross (Diomedea nigripes))

Overview of the Organization

Representative: Shunsuke Takeda
Project organization
Ogasawara Club (NPO)
Representative Director: Toshio Yamada
Establishment Purpose
This initiative involves research, education and enlightenment activities for preservation of the natural environment, aiming for partnership between government and companies with islanders. Cooperative activities and recommendations will aim to realize a vibrant community with self-sustaining and sustainable resource recycling society, carrying out dissemination and awareness activities related to nature conservation and town planning which aim contribute to a rich society where nature and humans can coexist.
Recent Activities
The organization participates in enlightenment activities for local residents in collaboration with administrative organizations regarding insects, including Ogasawara Islands native dragonfly, with the aim of information sharing, activities towards the maintaining the preservation of habitats, and implementing basic surveys. Furthermore, coastal cleaning is carried out with the aim of protecting seabirds, sea turtles, and other animals. Educational activities are being carried out for local children using garbage in various activities.
Number of Part timers: 40 / Number of Members: 40
Voice of Representative
By organizing human resources and environment that can continue project implementation, more local residents got involved in this project, and through the albatross, the importance of nature conservation was made more familiar.