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Waseda University, Faculty of Political Science and Economics    Associate Professor: Ryo Takahashi

Strategy for conversion to green economies in developing countries

Research grant

Project Description

A "mixed ownership system" which combines private and shared ownership systems of land are considered effective as a solution to forest decline. More than the general shared system, effects of high levels of forest recovery can be expected. This research will carry out randomized social experiment in Ethiopia which is facing deforestation, and verify the effects of the system's introduction. This involves changing ownership structure to "mixed ownership" which gives individuals the ownership of only the trees. The unique characteristic of this is that the ownership type will be changed, and an interdisciplinary analysis method will be used. Policy recommendations will also be carried out in relation to resource management policies in developing countries, based on the results. [No. R17-0006]

Relationship between People and Society
Grant year
FY2017 Research Grants
Grant term
Three years (From April 2018 to March 2021)
Grant amount
9 million yen
Activity region
Mekelle City, Tigray Region of Ethiopia
Members of the citizen group. Production of seedlings for use in afforestation.

Overview of the Organization

Associate Professor: Ryo Takahashi
Project organization
Waseda University
Faculty of Political Science and Economics
Associate Professor: Ryo Takahashi
Specialist field: Development Economics
Affiliated academic societies: Japanese Economic Association
Background: Doctorate, International Cooperation Studies
Research record
  • Takahashi Ryo, 2016, "Forest conservation in developing countries: Interdisciplinary research combining economics and spatial information science", Keiso Shobo
  • Takahashi, R. Y. Todo, and Y. Funaki (2018) How can we motivate consumers to purchase certified forest coffee? Evidence from a laboratory randomized experiment using eye-trackers. Ecological Economics 150: 107-121.
  • Takahashi, R. and Y. Todo (2017) Coffee certification and forest quality: Evidence from a wild coffee forest in Ethiopia. World Development 92: 158-166.
  • Takahashi, R. (2017) Climate, crime, and suicide: Empirical evidence from Japan. Climate Change Economics 8(1): 1-14.
  • Takahashi, R. and K. Otsuka (2016) Determinants of forest degradation under private and common property regimes: The case of Ethiopia. Land Economics 92(3): 450-467. (IF: 1.365)
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