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The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences    Associate Professor: Aya Suzuki

Impact analysis on household economics of Succession Agroforestry (SAF) in Brazil and the West Amazon

Research grant

Project Description

Deforestation is continuing in the Western area of the Amazon, which is Brazil's largest rainforest. One reason for this is due to illegal logging on the land as farmers have changed industries due to poverty. This means attention is on Succession Agroforestry (SAF). In these farming methods, plant cultivation which imitates plant succession of a secondary growth forest is carried out, and although it is said to be compatible with environmental conservation and the revenue of farmers, there is no data to verify the quantitative effects. This research will collect data based on records over one year, and quantitatively analyze the results of introducing SAF. With multilateral analysis through cooperation with local agricultural technology dissemination organizations, it is expected that the results will be widely utilized. [No. R17-0017]

Ecosystems and the Symbiotic Society
Grant year
FY2017 Research Grants
Grant term
Two years (From April 2018 to March 2020)
Grant amount
3.4 million yen
Activity region
Manicoré, Amazonas state, Brazil
Implementation of follow up with periodic account keeping

Overview of the Organization

Associate Professor: Aya Suzuki
Project organization
The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
Associate Professor: Aya Suzuki
Specialist field: Development Economics, Agricultural Economics
Affiliated academic societies: Japanese Economic Association, Agricultural and Applied Economics Association
[Employment history]
2008 - 2012: Assistant Professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Faculty Fellow at Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development
2012 - 2015: Lecturer at Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, made Associate Professor from September 2015
From November 2015, also served as guest researcher at the JICA Research Institute
PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from The University of California Davis
Research record
  • Suzuki, A., Y. Mano, and G. Abebe. (2018). "Earnings, Savings, and Job Satisfaction in a Labor-intensive Export Sector: Evidence from the Cut Flower Industry in Ethiopia." World Development 110(10): 176-191.
  • Suzuki, A. and Vu Hoang Nam. (2018) "Better Management Practices and their Outcomes in Shrimp Farming: Evidence from Small-scale Shrimp Farmers in Southern Vietnam." Aquaculture International 26(2): 469-486.
  • Pratiwi, A. and A. Suzuki. (2017) "Effects of Farmers' Social Networks on Knowledge Acquisition: Lessons from Agricultural Training in Rural Indonesia" Journal of Economic Structures 6:8.
  • DeGraft-Johnson, M., A. Suzuki, T. Sakurai, and K. Otsuka. (2014) "On the Transferability of the Asian Rice Green Revolution to Rainfed Areas in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Assessment of Technology Intervention in Northern Ghana." Agricultural Economics 45: 1-16.
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