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Introduction to Grant Projects

KIKOU-NETWORK (Climate Network)

Development and trial of educational program "Project Climate" to prevent global warming

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Project Description

As the situation surrounding global warming has been changing dramatically, we are compelled to select large-scale reduction with a medium-to long-term goal in Japan. To realize that, it is important to train human resources who are responsible for mid- to long-term measures as well as to implement measures such as emissions trading, carbon tax, and system to purchase renewable energy. Therefore, we aim to develop the "Project Climate" program toward providing children who will be responsible for the next generation with opportunities to face the issue of global warming from early on, and to develop human resource training and implementation mechanism for that. Specifically, we will develop about 30 kinds of learning programs (activities) for each theme on global warming through cooperation with experts, and conduct trial, evaluation and review at schools and other sites. For the completed activities, we will prepare a manual that summarizes progress procedures and points etc. from the perspective of the implementer. In addition, we will train leaders who disseminate accurate knowledge and information on global warming.

Climate change
Grant year
FY2009 Activity Grants
Grant term
2 years
October 2009 - September 2011
Grant amount
5,180,000 yen
Activity region
Developed nationwide, centered in Kansai, Japan
Education to prevent global warming at elementary schools in Kyoto city.

Overview of the Organization

Mie Asaoka, Chairperson
Mie Asaoka, Chairperson
Establishment purpose
The KIKKO NETWORK is a pro-active environmental NGO / NPO that recommends from the people's point of view. Established in April 1998, inheriting the purpose and activities of the "Climate Forum" that has been active to make the Kyoto Conference (COP 3) a success, we were certified as a specified nonprofit organization in November 1999. As a network of citizens and environmental NGOs / NPOs nationwide, the Kikko Network continues to work while interacting and collaborating with many organizations and sectors.
Main areas of activity
Throughout Japan
6 full-time staff members, 4 part-time staff members, 350 full members
Annual operating income
35,000,000 yen in 2006, 34,000,000 yen in 2007, 35,000,000 yen in 2008
WEB site
Specified nonprofit organization Kikko network. Climate change prevention education development and trial of climate educational program "Project Climate" at elementary school in Kyoto city
Recent activities
From the viewpoint of citizens, we are working on preventing global warming, and by encouraging the Climate Change Framework Convention and domestic measures to make effective emissions reductions, we aim to achieve climate change and global warming prevention through the following activities
  • (1) Citizen enlightenment / information on climate change and global warming issues
  • (2) Investigation, research and recommendation on climate change and global warming issues
  • (3) Sharing and exchanging experiences and promotion of efforts in various areas concerning global warming issues
  • (4) Participation in policy negotiation and policy decision on climate change and global warming issues
  • (5) Support for domestic and international citizens and NGOs related to climate change and global warming issues