The Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund

Introduction to Grant Projects

Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project (KEEP)

Getting citizens involved with the environment by developing 'animal pathway' wildlife road crossings for tree-based animals

Activity grant

Project Description

Natural wildlife crossings are attracting attention as concrete measures for preventing forest dwelling creatures being seperated by roads that go through their habitats. This project aims to improve the methodology used for 'animal pathways' for tree-based creatures by surveying frequency of use and habitat conditions, and researching design and construction. It will also propose the construction of pathways to governments responsible for roads and railway lines, and develop citizen-participation activities. These initiatives should advance research into animal pathways, create design standards, and contribute to the spread of environmentally friendly technology in Japan and overseas.

Preservation of surface soil and forestsPreservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2009 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
April 2010 - March 2013
Grant amount
10,500,000 yen
Activity region
Kiyosato, Takanecho, Hokuto, Yamanashi Prefecture, and Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan; Hungary, other countries
An animal pathway over a road

Overview of the Organization

Tetsuo Chino, Chairman
Tetsuo Chino, Chairman
Establishment purpose
KEEP is a Christian organization founded in 1948 to pass on the 'food supply, health, and hope for youth' philosophy of founder Dr. Paul Rusch. It has established and manages the facilities needed to cultivate and improve 'environment, international connections, education, and welfare', and provides instruction and training to foster a spirit of service in order to improve social culture and contribute to world peace.
Main area of activity
Hokuto, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
78 full-time members, 43 part-time members
Annual operating budget
1.36 billion yen in 2007, 1.35 billion yen in 2008, 1.33 billion yen in 2009
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Recent activities
In order to pass on the Dr. Rusch's philosophy, KEEP manages facilities and carries out the following activities:
  • (1) Fieldwork, lectures, training courses and practical education to contribute to healthy development and cultivate a spirit of service in youth
  • (2) International exchange and cooperative activities to contribute to world peace
  • (3) Environmental education and conservation research
  • (4) Cultivating and encouraging environmental education instructors
  • (5) Running educational exhibitions on local history, culture, and environment
  • (6) Practical education regarding cold upland agriculture
  • (7) Establishing and operating nursery facilities for local children that nurture healthy bodies and minds