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Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society (JACSES)

Researching, proposing, raising awareness and promoting systems related to funding and market mechanisms that make Japan, other developed countries, and corporations more effective at advancing climate change measures in developing countries

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Project Description

In order to tackle climate change, developed countries need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions alongside efforts to reduce emissions in fast-growing nations such as China, and appropriate measures in small island states, Africa, and other regions. The key to acheiving this is building and applying funding and market mechanisms devised and supported by the international community. Previous efforts, such as the CDM, have contributed to the advancement of emission reduction projects in developing countries, but there have been issues such as an uneven distribution of project areas, and problems with initiatives for the development and spread of technology. This project aims to build funding and market mechanisms that make Japan, other developed countries, and corporations more effective at encouraging the advancement of climate change measures in developing countries. Specifically, this involves holding research conferences including corporations, NGOs, and researchers, and then creating and sharing proposals based on this research. There will also be symposiums and briefing sessions for government officials and the media, and books and reports published containing research and proposal successes. These activities will lead to stronger measures for reducing greenhouse gases in developing countries backed by developed countries and corporations, and will build effective systems between Japan, other countries, and the international community.

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Grant year
FY2010 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
October 2010 - September 2013
Grant amount
13,534,000 yen
Activity region
Japan and overseas
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Overview of the Organization

Koyu Furusawa, Chief Executive
Koyu Furusawa, Chief Executive
Establishment purpose
There are countless cases where environmental and developmental problems hit those least equipped to deal with them the hardest, such as the poor in developing countries. Rather than just responding to these problems when they occur, it is crucial to advance initiatives and form systems and policies that prevent them from happening in the first place. JACSES was established as a research, policy recommendation and information sharing center (NGO think tank) that will hold an independent position and work with the public, including citizens of developing countries, domestic and international NGOs, experts in a range of fields, corporations, industry associations, governments and other parties to realize a fair and sustainable society.
Main areas of activity
Japan and overseas
2 full-time staff members, 3 part-time staff members, 109 full members
Annual operating budget
21.80 million yen in 2007, 22.13 million yen in 2008, 22.14 million yen in 2009
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Recent activities
JACSES is engaged in various programs and projects aimed at realizing a fair and sustainable society. Current primary initiatives are the 'sustainable development and aid program', 'sustainable society tax system and financial administration program', and 'climate change project'. Other initiatives include the 'Earth Summit follow-up project', 'sustainable production, consumption, and environmental carrying capacity project', and 'lifestyles and globalization project'.