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Introduction to Grant Projects

Specified Nonprofit Organization, Mount Fuji Research Station (former Valid Utilization of Mt. Fuji Weather Station)

The strategic ytilization plan of Mt. Fuji research station for protection of global atmospheric environment: Partial repurposing of Mt. Fuji Research Station as 'East Asia High Altitude Atmospheric Chemistry Observation Base'

Activity grant

Project Description

Japan faces serious transboundary air pollution from the continent and thus it would be effective to have an atmospheric observation platform in the free troposphere at an altitude of 2,000 m or higher, where pollutants are transported. Mt. Fuji is an ideal place for monitoring transboundary pollution as it is located in the center of Honshu and its summit is in the free troposphere for most of the year. In this activity, we have a tenancy agreement for a part of Mt. Fuji Research Station, which for the most part is not currently in use, from the Japan Meteorological Agency. We utilize this as a platform to detect the conditions of air pollution over Japan and send this information out domestically and overseas. Specifically, we secured a space for "East Asia High Atmospheric Chemistry Observation Base" in the research station, arranged one research assistant, developed infrastructure such as instruments necessary for observation, power generation equipment, data transmission system by wireless LAN, and will carry out year-round observation. As a result, a reasonable and safe mountain top management system is established, and the Mt. Fuji Research Station which is capable of more advanced and extensive research is realized. In addition to cross-border pollution, valuable data of East Asia can be transmitted.

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Grant year
FY2010 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
October 2010 - September 2013
Grant amount
28,880,000 yen
Activity region
Around Mt. Fuji and East Asia High Mountains
Researchers gathered at Mt. Fuji Research Station

Overview of the Organization

Shiro Hatakeyama, Director
Shiro Hatakeyama, Director
Establishment purpose
Regarding the unmanned Mt. Fuji Research Station (which became completely autonomous in 2004) of the Japan Meteorological Agency, it has geographical usefulness and historical and cultural value. Taking this into account, and by safely managing it, a wide range of academic fields can be applied such as the following: environmental science, astronomy and space science, high altitude medicine, high altitude training, and study of seismology and volcanology. Additionally, it is used as a base for education and nature experience activities. We aim to participate in international polar altitude observation network such as East Asian cross-border air pollution monitoring and to make effective use as an open facility for academic research / education fields.
Main areas of activity
Shizuoka Prefecture, Tokyo Prefecture
1 full-time member, 4 part-time members, 200 full members
Annual operating revenue
28,350,000 yen in 2007, 24,790,000 yen in 2008, 31,970,000 yen in 2009
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Recent Activities
1. Academic research activities
  • (1) Various atmospheric chemistry observations related to transboundary air pollution research (O3, CO, CO2, organic and inorganic aerosols, BC, Hg, precipitation, cloud water etc. )
  • (2) Cosmic ray observation to research radiation exposure in aircraft
  • (3) High altitude medicine, high altitude training
  • (4) Ecology of permafrost and moss
  • (5) New energy materials, equipment development etc.
  • (6) Research in new fields such as communication, architecture etc.

2. Educational activities
  • (1) Environmental educational activities for university / college students
  • (2) Educational nature experiences such as mountain climbing for elementary and junior high school students

3. Public relations activities
  • (1) Publication of newsletter, publication of website
  • (2) Holding international meetings, briefings on research results