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Kiritappu Wetland National Trust

Monitoring plant and animal life in Kiritappu Wetland

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Project Description

Kiritappu Wetland is a registered Ramsar Convention site and the habitat for important wetland plant and animal species such as Japanese crane and hemerocallis esculenta. Since 1986, Kiritappu Wetland National Trust has been conducting national trust activities to conserve the 1,200ha of the total 3,168ha wetland area that is held as private land, and has so far acquired 350ha. In order to conserve the wetland, in addition to acquiring private land, it is also crucial to collect basic data on plant and animal species that are vunerable to climate change, and grasp their current situation. This project will conduct research on plants, insect, fish, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles in 120ha of the land already acquired, and publish the results on the trust's website. Although the research will be led by experts, local residents, including children, will be encouraged to participate in order to raise environmental awareness in the region.

Preservation of surface soil and forestsPreservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2008 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
October 2008 - September 2011
Grant amount
3,961,200 yen
Activity region
Kiritappu Wetland National Trust conservation area, Hamanaka, Kushiro Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan
Monitoring plant and animal life in Kiritappu Wetland, Hokkaido

Overview of the Organization

Tokiko Sanzen, Director
Tokiko Sanzen, Director
Establishment purpose
Kiritappu Wetland is also known as the 'wetland of flowers' because of its abundance of beautiful flowers, and it is loved by many people. However, about 1,200ha is privately-owned land, and what kind of state this private land is kept in is key to the conservation of the area. Kiritappu Wetland National Trust was established to communicate the abundance and value of this wetland to as many people as possible, and ensure that it is conserved for the children of the future.
Main area of activity
Hamanaka, Kushiro Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan
9 full-time staff members, 2,720 individual members, 156 corporate members
Annual operating budget
74.20 million yen in 2005, 82.28 million yen in 2006, 82.27 million yen in 2007
WEB site
Recent activities
The two most important types of action required to ensure the conservation of the wetland are activities involving acquiring private land and making sure it is left in good condition, and awareness-raising activities that communicate the importance and pleasantness of the marsh. Kiritappu Wetland National Trust is engaged in community development that reflects natural abundance by creating 'fans' of the environment and Kiritappu Wetland, so that fulfilling lifestyles that are in harmony with nature can be enjoyed into the future. So far it has been cooperating with people across the country to carry out national trust activities including purchasing private land and restoring wetland conditions, research, and increasing the number of wetland fans. Since 2005, it has been entrusted with the management of the Kiritappu Wetland Center through Hamanaka's Designated Manager System, which involves conducting eco-tours advocating the importance of nature and operating nature experiences for elementary schools.