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Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, National Institutes for the Humanties Research Institute for Humanity and Nature RIHN Center    Associate Professor: Yasuhisa Kondo

Formation of a community that utilizes the aquatic plant resources of the Lake Biwa basin area through the fusion of open science and social cooperation

Research grant

Project Description

Overgrowth of aquatic plants around Lake Biwa is becoming problematic. There has yet to be a system put in place to maintain suitable volumes of these aquatic plants, which grow by absorbing nutrients produced from the lake. This project brings together the knowledge, experience and values of local government, companies, farmers, NPOs, residents, researchers, students and social entrepreneurs to jointly develop a model for the sustainable utilization of aquatic plants and create a cooperative network of diverse individuals to manage it. Additionally, the project aims to provide comment on measures to achieve a healthy balance of resource recycling and human activity in the Lake Biwa basin area. [No. R16-0036]

Resource Circulation
Grant year
FY2016 Research Grants
Grant term
3 years
From April 2017 to March 2020
Grant amount
6 million yen
Activity region
South Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture
Aquatic plants growing on the surface of Lake Biwa

Overview of the Organization

Associate Professor: Yasuhisa Kondo
Associate Professor: Yasuhisa Kondo
RIHN Center
Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, National Institutes for the Humanties Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Area of specialty: Archeology, Geoinformatics, Open science
Academic affiliation: Japan Geoscience Union, The Association of Japanese Geographers, Society of Archaeological Studies, Japan ICOMOS National Committee, etc.
CV (work history, academic qualifications): Completed a doctorate at the Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, the University of Tokyo in 2010. Doctorate (literature). After working as a Special Researcher at the University of Tokyo University Museum and a PD Special Researcher at the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Host institution: Tokyo Institute of Technology), became a researcher at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature from April 2014. Concurrently posted as a research fellow at the Kagakugijutsu Gakujutsuseisaku Research Institute from October 2016. Has interest in the development of theory focused on overcoming gaps in awareness when conducting joint research with researchers of different fields and various other individuals active in society, regarding interaction between human society and the natural environment.
Recent Activities
  • Kondo Y, Miki T, Kuronuma T, Hayakawa YS, Kataoka K, Oguchi T (2016) Concurrent and sustainable development of a local-scale digital heritage inventory through action research at Bat, Oman. Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development 6(2): 195-212.
  • Yasuhisa Kondo (2016) Open data in research of the earth's environment: Study on open data at the Belmont Forum. Information management 59(4): 250-258
  • Yasuhisa Kondo, Satoshi Ishikawa, Natsumi Enomoto (2015), Realization of an information service supporting research of the earth's environment, through cooperation with specially skilled volunteers. Information Processing Society of Japan, Symposium Series 2015(2): 131-138.
  • Takuro Furusawa, Takeo Onishi, Yasuhisa Kondo ed. (2011) Introduction to GPS/GIS for field workers. Kokon
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