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Omotehama Network

Marine life connect people and sand beaches! Coastal conservation activities to study the value of sandy beaches and loggerhead sea turtles

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Project Description

The sand beach suitable for loggerhead sea turtles to lay eggs has various functions including disaster prevention, habitat for organisms and as fishing grounds. However. shore development and coastal development is affected by prefectural and city boundaries that cross the sand beach and therefore affect the ecosystems of sea turtles and other organisms. The activities of this project include conducting further investigation to add to the existing survey results in order to create and communicate a model case for harmonizing "protection, use and environment" that is established by Coastal Law. Fundamentally this project includes:(1) the pursuit of a sand beach environment suitable for loggerhead sea turtles to laying egg by comparing the breeding situation. (2) Comparison of domestic beach and sea turtle breeding grounds and a compilation of the assessment (3) Regeneration of the sand beach divided by breakwater to a naturally rich sand beach using pre-existing beach plants and sand fencing (4) Proposal and communications from the COP Convention on Biological Diversity. By announcing these results, we hope to create and spread a coastal conservation model that is considerate of the environment.

Marine resources/foodPreservation of surface soil and forestsPreservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2009 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
April 2010 - March 2013
Grant amount
6,370,320 yen
Activity region
Omotehama Coast (Toyohashi/Tahara, Aichi Prefecture, Kosai, Shizuoka Prefecture), Japan
Survey of loggerhead turtles on shore in Omotehama

Overview of the Organization

Yuji Tanaka, President
Yuji Tanaka, President
Establishment purpose
The Enshu-nada coast has been blessed with a fishing ground, and is one of Japan's largest sandy beach coasts where loggerhead sea turtles breed. The project hopes to leave for the future a gentle landscape that continues from the sea to the laurel forest with a long sandy beach and sea cliffs. In order to do this, it is necessary for various people in various positions to discuss the issue and problems related to the coast. Through these efforts, we will effectively utilise this accumulated network in order to conduct various projects. However, the ultimate objective is to contribute to the creation of a regional environment by obtaining information from additional surveys.
Main areas of activity
Omotehama Coast (Toyohashi/Tahara, Aichi Prefecture, Kosai, Shizuoka Prefecture)
5 full-time staff members, 30 full members
Annual operating budget
2.3 million yen in 2007, 8.42 million yen in 2008, 2.28 million yen in 2009
Key activities
The base of these activities is to conduct a survey of loggerhead sea turtles and the coastal environment over one year. Based on the findings accumulated through conducting field surveys, the project conducts various excursions and symposia to examine coastal experts and administrative offices that are responsible for the coastal areas. Our project is expanding to involve different areas to provide proposals and recommendations related to beach environment preservation including environmental education for children, Omotehama Oiden Festival, beach school and sand beach regeneration projects.