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Fundación Espacios Verdes (Foundation for Green Spaces - Argentinian NGO; recommended by Mitsui & Co. Americas BU)

Learning amongst nature

Activity grant

Project Description

Environmental awareness is not very widespread in Argentina, and Fundación Espacios Verdes is a pioneer for environmental education in the country, having already provided it to 30,000 children. It aims to further develop work to promote environmental education nationwide. It will create a nature reserve comprising 250ha of distinctively abundant natural land surrounding a center owned by the foundation in San Luis Province, and develop and implement an environmental program situated in this natural environment and open to people from all walks of life. The project will be supported by JICA volunteers.

Preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2007 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
April 2008 - March 2011
Grant amount
25,116,160 yen
Activity region
An environmental education session for children in Argentina

Overview of the Organization

Ana Maria Barbara Mercedes Monaco, President
Ana Maria Barbara Mercedes Monaco, President
Establishment purpose
Like many developing countries, Argentina is lacking in terms of awareness about the importance and necessity of conserving the natural environment, which is proving a fundamental problem when it comes to addressing environmental issues. This lack of awareness is thought to be caused by the nation's culture, and the only way of overcoming it is sustained environmental education. To acheive this, the Fundación Espacios Verdes has established the Learning Amongst Nature Project, and will use this educational program to foster individuals with a sense of responsibility, and moral sense and awareness concerning environmental issues. The Fundación Espacios Verdes was established with the hope that the people who it cultivates through this kind of activity will pass on their way of thinking to others, creating ripples through society.
Main area of activity
4 full-time staff members, 8 part-time staff members
Annual operating budget
700,000 yen in 2005, 3.9 million yen in 2006, 4.3 million yen in 2007
WEB site
Recent activities
Implementing various environmental education activities, including:
  • (1) Holding events in the Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens and environmental education classes for students and the general public.
  • (2) Developing lectures, workshops, and cultural and craft activity programs with environmental themes.
  • (3) Working with local governments to publish environmental texts and selling handicrafts at bazaars.
  • (4) Holding events with other environmental NGOs to promote these activities.