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Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University Associate Professor Rajib Shaw

Construction of a platform in Asia for the development/diffusion of process technologies for adaption to climate change and amelioration of disaster damage

Research grant

Project Description

It is difficult to predict the effects of climate change, which occurs over the long term within broad spatial ranges. Torrential downpours, changes in rain cycling and similar phenomena can take lives, damage fisheries/farms and, particularly in developing countries, cast many into poverty. In some aspects, such issues are beyond what can be adequately addressed by a single country or even region. Researchers, operators (farmers, etc.) and local residents too find that there is not much they can do on their own. In this research, we turn our attention to the configuration of a network; one within which researchers of natural disasters throughout Asia, on which commercial operators and others can respond together, and with which we can share related knowledge/technologies and secure a foundation for further development. A practically useful network that links researchers and operators across the major areas of Asia should do much to strengthen our ability to cope with disasters throughout the region. We address two cases in our research: one pertaining to Hue, Vietnam, for which we collaborate with Hue University College of Agriculture and Forestry; and the other to Saijo, Ehime Prefecture, Japan, for which we collaborate with Saijo City Hall. Also, in the construction of the network, we cooperate with researchers, NGOs and operators in the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Nepal.

Climate change
Grant year
FY2007 Research Grants
Grant term
3 years
April 2008 - March 2011
Grant amount
12,600,000 yen
Activity region
Southeast Asia, South Asia, Japan
Participants from throughout Asia discuss issues within a meeting of the Asian University Network of Environment and Disaster Risk Management

Overview of the Organization

Assistant Professor Rajib Shaw
Assistant Professor Rajib Shaw
Specialist fields
International environment and disaster management
Affiliated academic societies
Japan Society of Civil Engineers; Japan Society for Natural Disaster Science; Institute of Social Safety Science
Completion of doctorate program, Graduate School of Science, Osaka City University. Ph.D. (science); Researcher, United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD); Associate Professor, Kyoto University.
Collaborating researchers
Yukihiro MORIMOTO, Professor, Hall of Global Environmental Research, Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University; Yukiko TAKEUCHI, Specially Appointed Associate Professor, same;
Research record
Conducts research centered on four themes: community-level management of environmental and natural disaster issues; research and practice of environmental/natural disaster education; community activities within developing countries to promote adaptation to climate change; and urban risk management. Has authored 20 books, written 60 research papers, and spoken at 76 international conferences/symposiums.