The Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund

Introduction to Grant Projects

The Tohoku Chamber of Environment

(Environmental Personnel Training Project) "Eco Products 2007" and the environment-themed lessons "Science Classroom 2007", "7th Environment Koshien", "2nd Environmental Slogan Awards" and "1st Environmental Photo Contest"

Activity grant

Project Description

At "Eco Products Tohoku 2007" the following was carried out in order to further understanding and consideration through experience and to train people to aim for sustainable local societies.
(1) Science Classroom 2007: For elementary school students. The effects of human actions on the environment, etc. In collaboration with the University of Tohoku and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Tohoku Center, etc.
(2) 7th Environment Koshien: Gives awards for outstanding activities of high school students concerning the environment.
(3) 2nd Environmental Slogans Awards: For elementary school students. Honors excellent slogan submissions.
(4) 1st Environmental Photo Contest: For junior high school students. Honors excellent photographs related to the environment.

Energy problem
Grant year
FY2007 Activity Grants
Grant term
6 months
July 2007 - December 2007
Grant amount
4,365,593 yen
Activity region
The 6 prefectures that make up the Tohoku region
An Environmental Sciences class at Eco Products Tohoku 2007

Overview of the Organization

Hiroshi Inomata, Representative Director (Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering Professor)
Hiroshi Inomata, Representative Director (Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering Professor)
Establishment purpose
We have already been warned that the burden of the everyday activities of man has already caused chronic global warming and that we have passed the point of no return, presenting a threat to sustainable society. In order to attempt to build a zero-waste society, this organization aims to conduct environmentally-friendly conservation efforts, cut back on waste, and promote the interests of the planet through the provision and exchange of information, further policy suggestions, studies, awareness programs, and training to promote the use of reusable resources
Principal location
All 6 prefectures that make up Tohoku
4 full-time staff members, 1 part-time staff member, 111 full members
Annual operating budget
56.90 million yen for 2005, 49.63 million yen for 2006, 62.80 million yen for 2007
WEB site
Principal activities
  • (1) Running of the environmental exhibition "Eco Products Tohoku"
  • (2) Running of the environmntal contests Environmental Science Classroom, Environment Koshien, Environmental Photo Contest, Environmental Slogan Awards, etc.
  • (3) Secretariat for the small to medium business environmental management system "Michinoku EMS"
  • (4) Secretariat for the "Miyagi Green Purchasing Network"
  • (5) Product performance enhancement projects and base institutions (commissioned by METI)
  • (6) Environmental consultant commissions
  • (7) Running of enivronmental management seminars and symposiums