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The Japan Coalition of Local Governments for Environmental Initiative Environmental Policy Research Center Naoki Masahara, Researcher

Proposing regionally-tailored policy packages for creating societies to combat global warming

Research grant

Project Description

In order to implement a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in Japan, in addition to large cities, medium-to small-sized local governments also need to focus directly on making changes to regional structure in order to create a foundation for societies that can combat global warming. In order to acheive this, this research will clarify the properties of a society that can tackle global warming, keeping in mind structural changes in terms of finance, economics, living arrangements and the like that can be implemented by small-to medium-sized local governments, and create a system that can estimate the potential of a region for combatting global warming based on the fixed assumption of voluntary participation by the local government, citizen organizations, businesses, etc. Specifically, six months will be spent identifying changes to regional structure and considering the effect these will have on CO2 emissions, with the following six months spent considering the measures required if the region is to put these changes into effect.

Climate changeEnergy problem
Grant year
FY2007 Research Grants
Grant term
2 years
April 2008 - March 2010
Grant amount
6,750,000 yen
Activity region
Japan, UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, etc.
The global warming subcommittee of the Yuza local government discuss policy in May 2008

Overview of the Organization

Naoki Masahara, Researcher
Naoki Masahara, Researcher
Specialist fields
Environmental policy for local governments, global warming prevention measures, regional energy policy, local government research
Affiliated academic societies
Japan Association for Environmental Law and Policy, Center for Environmental Information Science, Society of Environmental Science Japan
Finished the doctoral program at the Waseda University Graduate School of Political Science after obtaining full course credit. Receved a masters degree in political science. Joined the secretariat of The Japan Coalition of Local Governments for Environmental Initiative in 1998, and assumed current position as an additional duty in 2000.
Research record
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