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Tono Magokoro Net NPO

Village revitalisation project to coexist with nature in disaster affected areas in the Sanriku coast

Activity grant

Project Description
Reconstruction of disaster affected areas is not only about returning to the state prior to March 11, but it is also to create a concrete vision for reconstruction that local residents can visualise and to provide hope for the future. This includes holding symposiums to gather expertise from Japan and overseas and to formulate a plan for the future to create a sustainable society that can coexist with nature, with the aim of creating a village revitalisation project to coexist with nature that targets self-sufficiency for energy, food and industry based on the agricultural forestry industries and fisheries model.
Grant year
FY2011 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years and 6 months
April 2011 - September 2014
Grant amount
23,030,000 yen
Activity region
Otsuchi, Kamaishi, Ofunato, Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture (hereafter disaster affected coastal areas in Iwate Prefecture) , Japan
Field survey conducted for holding a symposium in Otsuchi

Overview of the Organization

Masaichi Sato, President
Masaichi Sato, President
Establishment Purpose
An organization established on March 28 2011 to support the victims of the coastal area of Iwate Prefecture who were affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. We conduct business relating to providing reconstruction assistance to disaster victims and for people involved in these support activities in order to provide economic reconstruction to disaster areas and resettlement for disaster victims. We are constructing a network that can respond rapidly to any future natural disasters and hope to formulate a response manual.
Main areas of activitys
Otsuchi, Kamaishi, Ofunato, Rikuzentakata (hereafter disaster affected coastal areas in Iwate Prefecture)
20 full-time staff members, 20 full-members
WEB site
Joint Organizations
Tono Econet NPO,The NGO Collaboration Center for Hanshin Earthquake Rehabilitation, Moyai Support Centre for Independent Living, Japan Platform and collaboartion with 56 other organisations
Main Activities
  • (1) Information gathering project providing support for disaster victims
  • (2) Project to provide individual support for disaster victims
  • (3) Social support project for disaster victims
  • (4) Establishment of a fund for carrying out above activities
  • (5) Network establishment business for exchange andcooperation between support groups
  • (6) Accumulation of expertise and support activities towards the preparation of a manual related to when natural disasters occur
  • (7) Creation of a mental care program utilising the natural resources of Tono city
  • (8) Natural resources survey project to carry out the above activities