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Production of Miyagi disaster support site, and information transmission

Activity grant

Project Description

What is needed for the reconstruction of the disaster area in Miyagi is the transmission of localised information. We pick up comments, such as "We have revived the shops in the affected area, but cannot disseminate that information," or, "We cannot transmit throughout Japan information about the goods the affected areas really need," and at the present stage, there is no media that takes the standpoint of those affected and transmits finer information. For that reason, we launched the Affected Area Support Site, and in addition to collecting and supporting the transmission of information leading to reconstruction, also transmit information that serves as Useful Reconstruction Ideas, while also gaining the cooperation of universities.

Grant year
FY2011 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years and 3 months
July 2011 - September 2014
Grant amount
9,130,000 yen
Activity region
Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Image of interview for Miyagi disaster support site

Overview of the Organization

Representative Director (Professor of Engineering Research Center, Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering) Hiroshi Inomata
Representative Director (Professor of Engineering Research Center, Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering) Hiroshi Inomata
Establishment purpose
In order to realize the establishment of an environmentally co-existent recycling-oriented society, aim for environmentally-conscious management driven environmental conservation, information provision to promote the reduction of waste materials, and promote the use of recycled resources, execute ventures, including exchanges, and policy proposals, investigations, and awareness building activities, and by doing so to contribute to improved overall global profits.
Main areas of activity
2 full-time members, 2 part-time members
Annual operating budget
6,529 million yen in 2008, 7,400 million yen in 2009, 6,367 million yen in 2010
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Recent activities
  • (1) Event management of environmental exhibitions (Eco Products Tohoku)
  • (2) Michinoku Environmental Management System Certification Organization Office (Operations and consulting for construction clients, along with dispatching services for screening and certification registration operations)
  • (3) Miyagi Green Purchasing Network
  • (4) Event management for environmentally-related seminars