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Utilization of reusable tableware in disaster zones, and development of a regional recycling oriented model

Activity grant

Project Description

Establish a recycling system using reusable tableware at disaster zones, reducing the waste produced from disposable tableware at evacuation shelters, and ensuring evacuees are able to eat in hygienic conditions. Develop a system enabling a prompt response in the event of a disaster, by creating a manual based on experience with reusable tableware at evacuation shelters, and increasing stockpiles of reusable tableware and strengthening collaboration with disaster support groups.

Grant year
FY2011 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years and 3 months
July 2011 - September 2014
Grant amount
18,243,640 yen
Activity region
Reusable tableware that can be collected, washed and used again

Overview of the Organization

Chairman Shigeru Sumitani
Chairman Shigeru Sumitani
Establishment year
Establishment purpose
To promote scientific research on domestic and international environmental issues, and chemistry-based research on governmental policy related to environmental conservation. Additionally, the results of this research will be promoted and reflected in environmental conservation measures, with the aim of identifying and solving environmental issues in Japan and around the world, and contributing to environmental conservation on a global scale.
Main activity areas
Domestic and overseas regions
34 full time staff
Annual operating budget
498,320,000 yen in 2008, 520,320,000 yen in 2009, 453,890,000 yen in 2010
WEB site
Joint organizations
NPO Heart-Net Fukushima
Research partners
Chairman Kimio Yoshida
Main activities
Research themes include the atmospheric environment, climate change, sustainable forestry management, measures to combat desertification, and mudflat purification by aquatic life. In addition, awareness activities are conducted, including holding seminars, issuing a regular newsletter named "Global Net", offering an environmental communication award, and providing a network of support to regional bodies, companies, and journalists across a variety of sectors