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Associate Professor Koji Maruyama, Department of Social and Human Environment, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University

Integrated guidelines and support tools for the use of sustainable wind power

Research grant

Project Description

Formulate a comprehensive guideline to achieve sustainable wind power usage that is socially fair and appropriate in terms of the benefits to various stakeholders, after clarifying the series of social processes that accompany the introduction of wind power generation. In addition, develop a remote sensing system for easy ecological surveys, and develop zoning visualization tools that can show data from a diverse range of locations. These will be the technology systems to make it easy to comply with the guidelines. Providing all of these as a comprehensive package will help achieve a sustainable society while considering the interests of a range of entities.

Climate changeEnergy problemPreservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2010 Research Grants
Grant term
3 years
April 2011 - March 2014
Grant amount
29,951,900 yen
Activity region
Hokkaido; Aomori Prefecture; Akita Prefecture; Aichi Prefecture; Germany
Field study in regions where wind power generation is planned

Overview of the Organization

Koji Maruyama, Associate Professor
Koji Maruyama, Associate Professor
Specialist fields
Environmental sociology, Science, technology and society (STS)
Affiliated academic societies
Japanese Association for Environmental Sociology
1999 Completed doctoral program at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo. Doctorate (academic), 1999 Lecturer, Aomori University; 2004 Researcher, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology; 2007 Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo; 2010 Associate Professor, Graduate School, University of Nagoya (current position)
Makoto Nishikido (Associate Professor, Hosei University), Makoto Iida (Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo), Tetsuya Iida (Director, Environmental Energy Policy Institute), Tatsuya Wakeyama (Doctoral student, Kyushu University) and 7 others
Research record
  • (1) The rise of community wind power in Japan: enhanced acceptance through social innovation, Energy Policy, 35-05, 2761-2769, 2007.
  • (2) Kankyou no Shakai-gaku (Environmental sociology) Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd., 2009 (co-edited)
  • (3) Kankyou Rinri-gaku (Environmental ethics) Tokyo University Press, 2010, (co-edited)
  • (4) "Furyokuhatsuden no Shakai Juyou-sei," (Social acceptability of wind power generation), Japan Journal for Science, Technology & Society 20, 37-55, 2011