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Introduction to Grant Projects

Resurrection of Fukushima (NPO)

Experiments and practical activities aimed at life and industrial revitalization in Iitate Village, Fukushima Prefecture

Activity grant

Project Description

The association is a group that aims for the regeneration for living and industry for the victims of the nuclear accident, based in Iitate Village, Fukushima Prefecture. Its policy is to conduct activities in cooperation with victims, experts, and volunteers in the areas affected by the accident. While the main theme of activities up until now had been the detailed assessment of the contamination status (forest, farmland, housing, etc.) and the establishment of valid decontamination methods, going forward the association will use the knowledge gained through the activities for the spread of decontamination methods, trial planting for agricultural regeneration, the utilization of forest resources, and study the commercialization of new industries such as small-scale power generation. In addition, support will be continued aimed at the establishment of long-term operational structures such as those for radiation monitoring by villagers on their own.

Grant year
FY2012 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
October 2012 - September 2015
Grant amount
22,467,000 yen
Activity region
Iitate Town, Souma District, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
Trial rice cultivation field

Overview of the Organization

Yoichi Tao, Director
Yoichi Tao, Director
Establishment year
2011 (certified as NPO in 2012)
Establishment purpose
As a result of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, residents were forced to flee from the communities that had become contaminated with highly concentrated radioactive materials, and they basically lost the foundations for their livelihoods. So that residents can once again live in this region, in addition to reducing the amount of radiation and achieving safe living environments, the revitalization of industry that will serve as the foundations for daily life is also necessary. The purpose of the association is the revitalization of living and industries in the areas destroyed by the nuclear power accident.
Main activity areas
Iitate Village, Soma District, Fukushima Prefecture
Number of staff members
3 part-time staff: members, 164 official members (including 1 organization)
Annual operation budget
5.72 million yen in 2011
WEB site
Main activities
Support volunteers, which includes accident victims desiring regeneration and specialists based in Iitate Village to combine their individual experiences and knowledge to conduct collaborative experiments aimed at regeneration. The association is also developing ongoing radiation monitoring systems for use by residents themselves with a proprietary-developed GPS dosimeter, developing systems for measuring radiation from the soil, developing effective decontamination methods for houses, farm, mountains, and forests, and engaging in experiments for new industries together with the regeneration of agriculture such as biomass power generation and small-sized hydroelectric power generation.